It’s no question that we all look at our homes a little differently post-2020. A well functioning home where you can work, exercise, and relax became a priority. Many people found creative ways to maximize the space and functionality of their homes. One way to open up a large amount of floor space was invented over a century ago, but has vastly improved since: the Murphy bed!


Benefits of a Comfortable Murphy Bed in any Home

With the average house price in the United States rising rapidly, many people intend to use every bit of their homes’ square footage to its fullest potential. It’s easy to understand why more and more people are looking to hidden beds for their ability to easily open up a large area of open space.

Wall beds and modern Murphy bed-with-desk combinations are more appealing than ever to those who want rooms with multiple uses. Many enjoy the benefits of a bedroom or guest room that can easily transition into a home office or space for exercise.


Are Murphy Beds Comfortable?

If you’re wondering, “but are Murphy beds comfortable?” We can go ahead and answer that right now: yes! Modern-day wall beds that we carry are built to:

  • Stand the test of time, made with quality materials
  • Be easy for one person to open or put away the bed
  • Support many mattress types, up to 11” thick


The Murphy Bed with Desk Combo

At Wallbeds n’ More, we work with you to select a modern Murphy bed model and customize it to meet your needs and style. Many of our wall beds can have piers on one or both sides added to create space for cabinets, shelving, drawers, and even wardrobes.

If you’d like to include a flat surface to use as a desk we can add that function to many of the models we carry. When space is limited and you don’t want to add piers, thereby reducing the width of the wall bed, you can select a model where the desk extends from the front of the wall bed cabinet.

Wall beds with desks can be used for much more than just a home office! See our recent blog post for more ideas on how you can utilize a modern Murphy bed with desk.


Wall Beds for Every Home Size

When considering a wall bed to maximize the space in your home, you want to be sure you plan for the amount of space needed. At Wallbeds n’ More, we offer a variety of hidden wall bed solutions that add functionality to any size home.

More comfortable and convenient than other types of hide-a-bed options, we offer high-quality modern Murphy beds that support Twin, XL Twin, Full, and Queen sized mattresses.


Learn More by Contacting your Local Showroom

You can view our most popular wallbed models on our website, and keep in mind that many of our showroom locations offer additional options. We suggest that you visit your local Wallbeds n’ More showroom’s website to see all of your options.

Reach out to your local store when you’re ready to speak with an experienced representative who can help you select the perfect Murphy bed style for your home!