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Cabinets for Wallbeds

Depending on the layout of the room you are planning on placing your new wallbed in, various options may work better than others. In addition, certain wallbed styles have differing compatibility with cabinets. When shopping for a wall bed through Wallbeds “n” More, please select the style you like to see the cabinets that are available for that style of wallbed and to ensure that cabinetry is compatible with that particular choice.

There are a variety of cabinet options and styles that are available for our wall beds. Depending on what functionality you would like to achieve with your cabinetry, some options are more inclined to meet your needs than others, however, there is a solution for everyone. For instance, you may choose to go with enclosed cabinets that open similar to a wardrobe, where guests can store their clothes on an extended stay in your home. You can even choose cabinets that have drawers that will add to this function. There are cabinets for the sides of murphy beds that include slide-out/pull-out nightstands as well, so there is no need to buy extra pieces of furniture to store elsewhere when the bed is not in use.

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Cabinets are available for each wallbed in a variety of styles. Whether you are looking to incorporate some additional storage in your room, or you want to add a reading nook with a bookshelf, or you simply want some shelving to display knick-knacks and artifacts, choosing a murphy bed with the dual-functionality of a cabinet, or adding cabinetry to the sides of your wallbed, can be a perfect solution for you.

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Sonoma Two Toned Wallbed - Black and White open
Glen Ellyn Wallbed in Caramel finish
Sonoma Two Tone- Wood & White with Desk

Desks for Wallbeds

At Wallbeds “n” More, we believe in offering solutions for your space. If you are looking to make your room more functional, or you need to make space for your transition to long-term working from home, a wallbed equipped with a desk could be the perfect solution for you. We have multiple options for wallbeds that include a desk already, or you can add a desk to an existing wallbed style. In fact, all of our wallbeds can add a shaped desk or straight desk, so there is lots of room for customization depending on what your wants and needs are.

With the transition to working from home that many Americans have experienced in the past year, the demand for desk wallbeds has been increasing. This choice is extremely popular because it allows you to have more usable working space within your home, without sacrificing an existing bedroom or guest room. It truly is the best of both worlds and settles the debate of what that extra room in the house should be used for. Investing in a desk wallbed ensures that there is space for everyone within your home.

Different Desk Options Available for Your Needs

Depending on the amount of room you are needing for your desk space, you may decide that either a straight desk or a shaped desk suits your needs better. A straight desk simply extends straight out from the backside of the wallbed and is ideal for those who may not need an extensive amount of space to work on, such as those who work solely on a laptop or only need to utilize the desk for short amounts of time like for homework or part-time work from home jobs.

For those who are working from home full-time, or who simply would like more space to spread out and work at, a shaped desk may be the more ideal solution. This version of the desk wallbed has a bit of curvature in it, creating a slightly deeper workspace and allowing more of the desk to be utilized.

Give Your Wallbed a Dual Function

Oxford Wallbed with Desk Addition

In addition to the straight and shaped versions of the desk wallbeds, Wallbeds “n” More also offers standard and deluxe options. The standard desk is a simple flat surface on which you can complete any work, homework, crafts, and more. It folds out from the bottom side of the wallbed and provides plenty of space to do any desk duties you may have. If you are looking for more storage, however, you may wish to go with the deluxe desk version. This option comes equipped with drawers perfect for storing any files and paperwork that you need readily accessible.

Desk wallbeds typically sit slightly higher than the average wallbed, because of the amount of clearance that is needed underneath when the bed is pulled down and in use. Our desk wallbeds have around 19 inches of clearance under, which should be plenty of room for a laptop to sit open, or anything else that you have on your desk to not require relocation when you plan on utilizing the bed. We have found that the bed being situated slightly higher actually creates a more luxurious experience for your guests as well, since they will climb into bed and cozy themselves into a cocoon of comfort.

For all of these reasons and more, the desk wallbed is an extremely popular option. Take a look at the available versions we have online, or schedule an appointment at your local showroom today.

Glen Ellyn Desk Murphy Bed
Murphy Bed with Desk, Keystone Bed from Wallbeds n More

Sofas for Wallbeds

Compatible with the Arlington, Barrington, Cape, Dublin, Euro, Fallbrook, Glen Ellyn, Jazz, Keystone, Lodge, Nantucket, Portola, Ryland, Saratoga, Sonoma, Tahoe, Valencia, Woodland, and Yellowstone Wall Beds

Looking to maximize your small space? At Wallbeds “n” More, we offer the perfect sofa options that fit perfectly with our 65-inch Wallbeds, as well as our California and London models. By adding a sofa to your wallbed, you can create stylish seating and make the most of your limited space. Our wallbed sofas come in a variety of colors, offering another way you can customize your wallbed and transform your room into a functional and stylish entertaining area. We’re here to help you make the most of your space and create a comfortable and inviting living area.

Soda Wallbed Open
Wallbed Sofa closed in grey