“What size is a Murphy bed?” is one of the most common questions we hear from our clients when they learn about the space saving benefits of a wall bed. If you purchase a wall bed from Wallbeds “n” More, you have more than one option when it comes to Murphy bed sizes. If you browse our website or come into a Wallbeds “n” More showroom, you’ll quickly realize that our Murphy beds come not only in a Twin size, but in larger models as well. Each size offers a variety of benefits, and our associates are experts at helping you choose the ideal model for the space and functions you have in mind. We offer a large selection of Murphy bed sizes and styles sure to fit anyone’s home and budget.

Twin Murphy Beds

If you reside in a loft space, tiny home, studio apartment, or just want to add extra sleeping capacity to any compact living space, a Twin wall bed is an excellent option. Twin Murphy beds aren’t just for the children either; at Wallbeds ‘n More we also offer an XL Twin bed frame which provides additional length for teens and adults while maintaining the width of a standard Twin. With a Twin size wall bed, you can easily accommodate guests who come to stay even if you only have a small area to work with.

Twin-sized wall beds also function well in nurseries for those late nights with the baby, in children or teenagers’ rooms, in home gyms or offices, or even areas such as attics or basement guest rooms.

Many families find that teenagers’ and kids’ bedrooms are not big enough to accommodate more than one bed comfortably, so adding a twin wall bed unit is a simple way to make extra space if you have more than one child sharing a room and don’t want to opt for bunk beds. It can also be a simple way for a teenager to have friends over or a young child to have sleepovers without them having to sleep in the living room or other shared spaces in the house.

One of our most popular models that comes in a Twin size bed frame is the Arlington model which has a traditional, sleek design that complements any space and comes in a variety of finishes. This simple style makes an excellent piece of furniture for a young child’s room as the bed is still fashionable as they grow into a teenager. Adults also enjoy the minimalistic design and customizable additions, and it is timeless enough to blend into almost any decor scheme.

Full Size Murphy Beds

Most of our models are available in Full size Murphy beds with the option to add features such as bookshelves, desks, cupboards, cabinets, outlets and USB ports (when the customization of lighting is added). Full Murphy beds are popular because they are still relatively compact so that they can fit in small spaces, but they allow for two overnight guests to comfortably stay together.

With a Full wall bed, you can turn the downstairs den or living room into a guest room without any trouble even when guests arrive unexpectedly. Some of our Full size Murphy beds we offer even fold up into chests that fit snugly into a living space and double as an accent table when not being used for sleeping.

Just like our Twin and Twin XL models, our Full wall beds are made of real wood and are easy to pull down and return to the wall. This means even children and elderly guests can do this with minimal strength and without fear of getting injured. This is a stark comparison to the old-fashioned hide-a-beds that were built with heavy metal frames and exposed springs that could easily pinch fingers. Safety and functionality has increased over the years, and our Murphy beds are the safest on the market today.

Queen Mattress Murphy Beds

Queen size Murphy beds are luxuriously spacious and can easily host multiple overnight guests. If you have a larger space in your home such as a guest bedroom, home office, game room, converted attic or basement, a queen wall bed should fit nicely.

Quite a few of our Queen wall bed models are customizable. You can choose to add a wardrobe, cupboards, drawers, a table, and cabinet features along with electrical outlets and accent lighting just like our Full and Twin models. Our Queen Murphy beds can be designed in a variety of woods and finished in different colors as well.

Another benefit about the Queen wall bed size is that you can choose to replace your existing bedroom furniture with one of our models that can use a Queen mattress. This way, you can simply close the bed into the wall and have more floor space in your bedroom. You might choose to use this space for a plush carpet, for a home gym, a reading nook, yoga studio, or anything else you’d love to have extra space for.

Let’s Find your Perfect Size Murphy Bed

Call or message your local Wallbeds N’ More location to see how we can help you choose a Murphy bed in the size best suited to any room in your home! You can browse local showroom offerings on their websites, set up an appointment to view wall bed models in person, and some locations offer virtual appointments as well.

We look forward to delighting you with our vast knowledge about space-saving furniture and our friendly, professional service. We want to make purchasing a Murphy bed (of any size) from Wallbeds “n” More the best furniture shopping experience you’ve ever had!