Along with longer days and warmer nights, the arrival of summer often brings a desire for lighter, more airy living spaces. If you’re looking to declutter a guest room, create a multifunctional home office, or simply maximize the space in your vacation home, Wallbeds “n” More offers innovative summer storage solutions that blend functionality with style. No matter which of our showrooms is closest to you, you’ll find wall beds with integrated storage that can revolutionize your living space this season!

Summer Storage Solutions with Wall Beds

Wall beds, also known as Murphy beds, are renowned for their ability to save space by folding up into a wall when not in use. At each of our Wallbeds “n” More locations, these beds are elevated to another level with clever storage solutions that make them perfect for summer homes, guest rooms, offices, home gyms, or any space where efficiency is key.

The Tahoe Wallbed with Storage

The Tahoe Wallbed from Wallbeds “n” More exemplifies practical elegance. This model effortlessly combines a comfortable bed with ample storage options including optional add-on piers with bookshelves and drawers which makes it ideal for summer homes, suburban living, or any living space where space is at a premium. With the storage add-ons, the bed folds up easily into the wall, and a set of integrated shelves and drawers remain; these can be used to store bedding, towels, or even summer clothing.

Just imagine transforming your guest room into a versatile space that accommodates both visitors and your storage needs with ease. The Tahoe Wallbed not only offers a cozy sleeping area, but also provides functional storage that helps keep your space organized throughout the summer months.

The Portola Desk Bed with Hutch

For those seeking a dual-purpose summer storage solution, the Portola Desk Bed with Hutch is an excellent choice. This innovative model combines a Murphy bed with a spacious desk, perfect for creating a home office or a study area that can quickly convert into a comfortable guest bedroom.

The Portola Desk Bed with Hutch shines in the summer and all year long, as it allows you to utilize your space efficiently. It doesn’t matter if you’re working from home, catching up on summer reading, or hosting guests, this versatile piece of furniture offers the convenience of a comfortable bed without sacrificing valuable floor space.

Why Choose Wallbeds “n” More?

At Wallbeds “n” More, the emphasis is on quality craftsmanship and innovative design. Our wall beds are engineered to blend seamlessly into any decor while providing practical solutions for modern living. Whether you’re looking for a wall hide a bed to create extra space or a Murphy bed with integrated summer storage, their diverse range of products ensures there’s a solution tailored to your needs.

Murphy Bed Summer Storage Solutions

The concept of a Murphy bed in the wall has evolved significantly, and Wallbeds “n” More has remained at the forefront of the industry with designs that prioritize both comfort and functionality. Their Murphy beds with storage compartments offer a stylish alternative to traditional beds, making them an ideal choice for anyone looking to maximize their living space, no matter what size home you’re living in.

This summer, consider how a Murphy bed with storage could transform your home or vacation retreat. Whether you’re upgrading a guest room or creating a versatile space for work and relaxation, Wallbeds “n” More provides summer storage solutions that cater to your lifestyle.

Enhance Functionality and Ease

As we embrace the warmth and freedom of summer, our living spaces should reflect a sense of ease and functionality. Wallbeds “n” More offers a range of wall beds and Murphy beds with storage features that are designed to enhance your home’s versatility without compromising on your style.

You can explore the full collection today at a Wallbeds “n” More showroom near me.  You’ll soon discover how you can create a space that adapts to your needs effortlessly. From the sleek Tahoe Wallbed to the multifunctional Portola Desk Bed with Hutch, there’s a solution waiting to transform your summer living experience.

Visit the Wallbeds “n” More’s website of the location nearest you  to learn more about their individual innovative summer storage solutions and find the perfect Murphy bed for your space! Use our handy location finder to locate your nearest showroom.

Incorporating a wall bed into your summer plans could be the key to revealing hidden space and maximizing every square foot of your home. Embrace the season of sunshine and relaxation with furniture that works as hard as you do, all while maintaining an elegant aesthetic that complements your personal style.