Murphy beds are a great way to provide both a comfortable night’s sleep and space-saving convenience. Once the bed is folded down and ready for use, the differences between a traditional bed and a wall bed are minimal, often going unnoticed. In this article we discuss what factors make a Murphy bed comfortable. If you want to experience in person how comfortable a Murphy bed is for yourself, we welcome you to come by one of our Wallbeds “n” More showrooms.

Saving space is certainly a benefit of having a Murphy bed, however, at Wallbeds “n” More, we believe that comfort should not be sacrificed for that convenience. Other stow-away bed options such as futons, air mattresses, and pull-out sofa mattresses are often lumpy, bumpy, and all-around uncomfortable but there is a better option. Murphy beds, or wallbeds, give you the ability to sleep on a lush, high-quality mattress just like a conventional bed.

Murphy Bed Mattress Support

The mattress is arguably the most important factor when considering the comfort level of any bed. Murphy beds are comfortable because they can use most every type of mattress, allowing you to select the most comfortable mattress for yourself or your guests. At Wallbeds “n” More we offer a variety of mattress styles differing in thicknesses, firmness levels, and materials. Our selection includes Twin, Full, Queen, and even King size mattresses for the ultimate luxury in a stow-away wall bed.

The support system for the mattress also plays an important role in the comfort of a bed. With a Murphy bed, the mattress typically rests on a wooden frame or wire mesh construction instead of a box spring. Most modern mattresses today do not require the additional use of a box spring. In fact, newer memory foam, latex, and hybrid mattresses can actually be damaged by resting on a box spring.

Murphy Bed Comfort for Quality Sleep

The quality of sleep you get each night directly affects the rest of your day. Your hidden bed needs to provide comfortable support for a great night of sleep so that you or your guests can wake up feeling refreshed. At Wallbeds “n” More, we pride ourselves on not only offering the best wallbeds, and the largest selection of them, but also the best wallbed mattresses.

Comfortable Murphy Beds

By providing you with the comfortable support you need to sleep, we believe we are supporting you in all of your successful endeavors throughout the day, and we take this responsibility seriously. Don’t sacrifice comfort for convenience, accomplish both with our top quality selection of hidden beds and mattresses. If you are ready to take the next step and purchase a wallbed, or if you have additional questions, contact your local showroom to schedule an appointment today!