What Makes Our Wallbeds Comfortable?

If you’re considering adding a wallbed to your home, you may be wondering, “are Murphy beds comfortable?” The answer to this question has a few factors, which we’ll cover on this page, but rest assured that when you purchase a hidden wall bed from Wallbed “n” More you and your guests will sleep comfortably.

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Three Main Components of Wallbed Comfort

Integrity of the Structure

Cottage - cabinet bed open

Maximizing space is a key benefit of having a wallbed. However, at Wallbeds “n” More, we believe that comfort should never be sacrificed for the convenience of saving space. This is one of the reasons we ensure all of our wall bed models are designed and built to meet high standards. 

Each of our hidden bed configurations is built to fully support the mattress and guests who sleep on the bed. The mattress of a Murphy bed sits on a wire mesh support system or a uniquely designed wooden frame instead of resting on a box spring. It is interesting to note that some newer mattress styles (latex, memory foam, or hybrid) are designed to be used without a box spring, since the coils can actually damage them. 

    Mattress Selection

    Mattress for wallbeds

    The mattress that rests on the bed frame is a potent factor in the comfort level of a wall bed, as it is with a traditional bed. Murphy beds can cater to you and your guests because they enable you to select the firmess level of the mattress. We sell wall beds seperate from mattresses so that you can choose a new mattress that best suits your needs, or you are able to use your own favorite mattress. 

    Our wallbed units are built to support mattresses that are up to 11 inches thick. 

      Size of the Bed

      The size of the mattress will have an impact on the overall comfort level of a wall bed, as with any bed. Be sure to consider who your typical overnight guest will be, and if they travel solo or in pairs. 

      Twin wall beds are a great choice when space is very limited, but be sure the bed is intended for one person and opt for an XL Twin if you expect guests who are on the taller side. This page will help you consider which mattress size is best for your situation. 

      When you’re looking to add extra sleeping accommodations to your home it is important to know the wall bed dimensions and what mattress size would best fit your space. Opt for a Queen mattress size, when the room allows, for the most comfortable night’s sleep. 

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