Do you find your childrens’ toys or teenagers’ art supplies and sporting equipment seems to spill out of their bedrooms and creep further and further into your living areas? If you’ve ever been frustrated with toys scattered around your family room or a rogue Lego on the staircase attacking your tender feet in the middle of the night, a hidden wall bed unit is the perfect solution to transform your child’s room into a dual-functioning space for both sleep and play.

If you’re asking, “what is a Murphy bed?” see our blog post that explains the ingenious Murphy bed design, and how it can create instant floor space in your home. These hidden beds support standard mattresses and are every bit as comfortable as a traditional bed. Perfect for a child’s room, guest room, or your room!

Room to Play

The whole idea behind having a Murphy bed wall unit installed in your child’s bedroom is that their room is no longer just used for sleeping; it is now their playroom as well! Long gone are the days of asking them to clean up their toys in the living room before guests arrive, to put away their science experiments from the kitchen counter, and store their puzzles, games, books, and action figures somewhere other than the dining room table.

Instant Floor Space & Storage

With a wallbed unit your child can customize it the way they like in order to add all kinds of extra storage space and features! They can select electrical outlets to plug in favorite lamps and add USB ports to charge laptops, phones, and gaming systems.

When the wall bed folds up into the wall, the floor space in your child’s bedroom is revealed to allow for all kinds of play as well! From board games and Twister, to doll houses, sleepovers, and video game marathons… just toss down the beanbag chairs and add a plush carpet in the center of the room to help transform the sleeping area into a playtime wonderland!

Some of our Murphy bed playroom units even come standard with tables for children that especially like to do arts and crafts, play board games, or for placing a screen to use with movie marathons and gaming competitions.

A Place for Rest

Comfortable Murphy Beds

Children and teenagers need between 8 and 12 hours of sleep a night to support their health, growth and development, and to improve their ability to focus in school and extracurricular activities. At Wallbeds “n” More we offer wallbed units for kids’ rooms in Twin, XL Twin, Full, or even Queen sizes.

At Wallbeds “n” More, we offer mattresses with different levels of firmness, so that your child can choose the comfort level that works best for them. We can also have fun customizing the unit to match the color scheme and decor of their bedroom.

Easy to Use Hidden Beds

Our wallbeds are specially designed to be easy to pull down and put back again. The transition can be made by just one person. Most older children are able to pull down their own bed and put it away easily without fear of hurting themselves and without needing to ask for extra help. Your child can even leave the bed sheets made (or messy) and it will all be tucked away in a cabinet for a clean and stylish appearance! This feature is especially a bonus for teenagers who don’t like making their bed.

Each wall bed unit is handcrafted and made in the USA with high quality materials. You can choose to have your new wall bed installed by one of our expert team members. Our experienced Murphy bed installation experts will bolt it to the wall to make sure your child’s safety is first and foremost.

Room for Two

If your children share a room, we can easily design a wall bed unit that supports two Twin beds side-by-side with accent furniture built into the middle such as a wardrobe for storing clothes, nightstands with reading lamps, or even bookshelves with cupboards so that toys, games, and sporting equipment can be kept neatly out of sight when not in use.

With our wide array of woods, finishes, and hardware options, it will be easy to find a look that complements the style of your children and enhances their space with a fun, charming, or even sophisticated vibe.

A Dual Space for Play and Work

While sleeping, playing, and relaxing might be what your children spend the bulk of their time doing in their room, our Murphy bed playroom units also allow for a focused, comfortable, area to complete homework and projects. Finally, a space away from the distractions of the rest of the house!

If your child finds it difficult to concentrate with loud pets, siblings, or the smells and sounds of cooking dinner while trying to do homework at the kitchen table, they can pick out one of our Murphy bed desk models so that they have a designated space in their room to complete homework. Studies show that when kids have a specific area for learning, a set time-frame, and regular routine they are more likely to stay focused and complete their work and also more likely to be academically successful.

Create Space in Your Home Today!

At Wallbeds “n” More more we want to help you design the playroom of your child’s dreams! Visit our locations directory to the Wallbeds “n” More showroom closest to you.

You and your child can explore our different options online and talk about what types of activities your child would most like to use the room for. Then our expert designers can help you craft a custom piece of furniture made especially for you and your child. Reach out to your local showroom to create more space in your home today!