Simply put, a Murphy bed is a hidden wall bed. The Murphy bed is hinged at one end in order to be stored vertically against a wall, or inside a closet or cabinet. This style of hidden bed is not only referred to as a Murphy bed but it can also be called a wallbed, pull-down bed, or fold-down bed. Today, the term “Murphy bed” is part of our common language and not eligible to have a trademark.

Why the Name “Murphy?”

To adequately answer the question, “what is a Murphy bed?” we need to visit the phrase’s origins. Around the year 1900 William Lawerence Murphy, an Irish immigrant, found a creative way to make more space in his small apartment. Murphy was motivated to be able to transform his one-room apartment into a space where he could entertain guests. Other kinds of fold-up beds were already on the market but Murphy introduced pivot and counterbalanced designs that made his version of the wall bed unique.

Mattresses for Hidden Wallbeds

A Murphy bed mattress usually rests on a wood platform or wire mesh. The mattress is held in place, often with elastic straps, so that the mattress does not sag and become disformed when folded upright against the wall. Most of the styles at Wallbeds “n” More are attached to the wall with studs in 3 or 4 places.

Our Wallbeds “n” More hidden beds are designed to work with most mattresses, where the mattress thickness is 11 inches or less. This allows you to select the mattress that is most comfortable for you or your guests! Our mattress selection includes models that are 9, 10, or 11 inches in height.

Modern Features of a Murphy Bed

What is a Murphy bed with modern features? After the original invention, other variations and designs have been made. Designed for saving even more space than a simple bed against wall, dual-function Murphy beds include desk, bookshelf, and cabinet configurations.

Modern Murphy beds continue to provide a convenient way to make the most out of any space. Today, the use of hidden wall beds in limited spaces such as a small apartment, guest room, home office, children’s room, or multipurpose room is still a common space-saving interior design tactic. Extra floor space is possible within moments!

Delivery and Installation

Wallbeds “n” More offers delivery and installation services for our wall beds. Correct installation of a Murphy bed is important, so we take care of the installation when we deliver your new hidden bed. Our team will show you how to open and close your fold-down bed. Transforming one of our wallbeds into a desk or bookshelf, without moving the shelved items, is surprisingly simple!

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