It may have been an unexpected visitor that showed up and you didn’t have a spare bed for them to sleep in, or it may be that you bought a new home and are furnishing it. Possibly even that your family is changing (new babies or children heading off to college) and you need to reorganize your space. Whatever your reason, you’ve discovered that you need to find a spare bed for your home.

Hampton wallbed in white, openYou’ve probably started looking at options online and are intrigued by the idea of a wallbed/murphy bed. You may have questions about the benefits of wallbeds, how and where to use them, and how practical they really are. That’s what we are here for – to answer your questions and even show you the Murphy Beds in person if you are near one of our 16 showroom locations.

One of our more common questions is, why should I invest in a wallbed? That’s a great question because a wallbed IS an investment into your home. When you consider the space that you are saving, you can double the space in a room just by choosing the right bed!

The cost of houses continues to rise, and the best way to look at this is the average cost per square foot of a house. Below are a few examples of housing prices (at today’s rate) based on our showroom locations, with San Francisco costing up to $1,068 / square foot, down to the US average of $123 / square foot.

Here are a few other examples when taking into account the size of a queen mattress is approximately 35 square feet (5’x7’ and that’s not including the bed itself).

Home much space does a queen bed cost you?

Cost per square foot x 35 square feet (a queen bed)

San Francisco – $1,068 x 35 = $37,380
Pasadena – $586 x 35 = $20,510
Seattle – $521 x 35 = $18,235
San Diego – $378 x 35 = $13,230
Rancho Cucamonga – $294 x 35 = $10,290
Bellevue are $293 x 35 = $10,255
Houston – $145 x 35 = $5,075
Phoenix $174 x 35 = $6,090
US Average – $123 x 35 = $4,305

Most queen beds fit best in a room that is a minimum size of 10’x10’ so that you still have room to walk around it. What if you could fold away your bed during the day and have the majority of your room available for use? The average wallbed folds away to 65”x 18” (approx. 5.5’ x 1.5’). Add on cabinets and you have storage as well! That’s under 8.5 square feet!

As a smart consumer, you probably want to budget for this investment and we applaud you for this. To help, some of our stores offer Synchrony Financing. You can finance your wallbed purchase over 12 months interest free.

How is a Wallbed adding to your home?

So what does this all mean? A wallbed is like adding an extra bedroom to your house without the cost of a general contractor, city permits and expanding your house footprint. In terms of house renovations, a new wallbed is less than a fraction of other costs and as a piece of furniture it can be moved when you move to your next house. Why not at least give it a try and check out your nearest showroom today?

Houston Wallbeds "n" More showroom interiorWhy should you visit a showroom instead of buying online? Here is a customer story: Consider More than Price or Why We Are Brick & Mortar

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