If you’ve chosen to list your property on Airbnb or VRBO, a hidden wall bed is an excellent choice for adding sleeping space to your rental unit. By maximizing the number of guests who can stay at your property, you appeal to a wider variety of renters and have the potential to earn more income off of your rental property. 

6 Benefits of a Murphy Bed for Your Rental Property

  1. Add sleeping capacity to your vacation rental to appeal to larger groups.
  2. Increase the number of beds in your rental, without sacrificing space.
  3. Maximize floor space for games, activities, or travel bags that would have been taken up by a bed.
  4. Quickly convert an attic or basement into another guest room.
  5. Add an appealing, unique piece of furniture that will delight guests.
  6. Enhance safety by getting rid of clunky, heavy hide-a-beds.

Murphy Bed Sizes

Wallbeds “n” More offers a variety of wallbed sizes to complement any room in your rental home including everything from a twin wall bed to a queen. Each model and add-on will have its own specifications, but the dimensions below will give you an idea of what space is needed when the bed is ready for use. 

  • Twin – 44″W x 85″H x 17″D / 81″D (Open)
  • XL Twin – 44″W x 90″H x 17″D / 86″D (Open)
  • Full  – 59″W 85″Hx 17″D / 86″D (Open)
  • Queen – 65″W x 90″Hx 17″D / 86″D (Open)

Bookshelf and Desk Murphy Beds

By adding a wallbed with bookshelves and desks to your Airbnb or VRBO rental, you will appeal to a larger variety of people. A desk provides a comfortable place for a guest to work remotely while staying in your unit. Bookshelves can easily hold interesting items such as photos of the town they are visiting, maps, tour guide books, games, along with extra blankets and pillows. 

The Nantucket Murphy bed option is a popular style for adding bookshelves to a Murphy bed while the Deluxe Desk Wallbed offers a large fold-down desk surface while maintaining a small footprint. 

Table Wallbeds for Increased Space

If you have an Airbnb or VRBO rental home and you want to increase the sleeping capacity in a common room like the living or dining room, one of our table wallbeds is an excellent choice. 

Our table Murphy beds come in several different styles such as the Ryland, or the Euro Table Bed which are both available in a queen size. These options provide tables when the bed is put away and can be used for games, puzzles, eating, or crafting. These wall bed models with tables also have storage features such as shelving and drawers when you elect to customize with these additions.

Maximizing Sleeping Capacity and Profit

For each and every comfortable, full-size hidden wall bed added to your rental home you will be able to attract larger families and groups. This means that your property will be more flexible with whom you can accommodate, your listing is likely to get more traction online, and you will have your unit occupied more frequently which means more money in your pocket. 

Get Your Murphy Bed Today!

Take a look at our large variety of wallbed styles online which are designed to fit the decor in every home- from a cabin theme to a Cape Cod beach house motif. Our versatility and your ability to customize any bed is why customers rave about Wallbeds “n” More! Visit one of our locations nearest you to make your vacation rental aspirations a reality!