Your mom probably told you more than once as a child that you needed to get a good night’s sleep, either because you had a big test the next day or because you were a little grumpy that day. Nothing changes in adulthood—getting restful sleep in a supportive bed is crucial to keeping you running. Here are some reasons why both kids’ and adults’ bedrooms can be the ultimate health retreat.

Sleep Keeps You Healthy
When your body is overly tired, you are more prone to getting sick, feeling rundown, and developing problematic diseases. This is why doctors so often recommend that sick individuals head to their beds for rest. In addition to making infections more likely, not getting enough restful sleep can increase a person’s risk for cardiovascular problems, diabetes, and high blood pressure later in life.

Sleep Makes You Happy
Get shortchanged on your sleep, or venture into your kids’ room a little too early in the morning, and you’ll see how sleep impacts mood. Getting enough sleep helps you to stay happy, positive, and in general good spirits. Lack of sleep or poor sleep can leave you grumpy, irritable, and even depressed.

Sleep Cuts Stress
Turn down the lights and head to bed early, and you may find that you feel a little less stressed in the morning. Restful sleep can help minimize stress, allowing you to better cope with problems that arise in your daily life.

Sleep Gives You Energy
Sleep can significantly boost your energy levels. Getting enough sleep each night gives you the energy you need to tackle the list of tasks and chores you face daily. You may also find that you have the stamina to play with your kids more, spend extra time with your friends, and get back to the things in life that bring you joy if you get proper, restful sleep each night.

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