When you decide to invest in an additional bed to your home in the form of a wallbed or Murphy bed, you may be considering how to incorporate this into your room design. Depending on what room you are adding this bed to, there are several potential solutions to seamlessly including this space-saving piece of furniture. Before figuring out how to style your room around the new wallbed addition, however, there are a few aspects to consider first

Style Considerations


Determining what functions you would like to achieve is a great first step to deciding how to incorporate your new wallbed. For example, if you are wanting dual functionality such as a bed and a desk or a bed and a table or a bed and a bookshelf, these are important to note prior to purchasing and styling. 


Deciding how frequently the bed will be used is another key aspect to consider when figuring out how to incorporate it into your room. If the bed will be used on a daily basis, keeping the surrounding area clear from obstacles that you have to move every time will eliminate the hassle. 


Depending on what room the wallbed is going into and what functionality you are hoping to achieve, you may choose various ways to frame the bed in the design. Picking the furniture that will surround the wallbed is a crucial part of styling, and can make or break the success of the bed in your design. 

Specific Room Styling

Now that we have discussed some of the prerequisites to consider prior to purchasing and styling your wallbed, we can dive further into how to incorporate it into specific rooms. 


Placing a wallbed in an office is perhaps the most common room choice. If your wallbed is also serving as the desk in this room when it is put away, styling the room around this would include choosing a mobile chair that is easy to move when bedtime rolls around. It also means choosing versatile file cabinets or other shelving that does not stand in the way of utilizing the bed when necessary. If your wallbed is not equipped with a desk, and you will be using a stand-alone desk, it is important to consider how much space is available in the room. Often, if a larger workspace is needed, a corner desk is the best way to achieve this while leaving room for the wallbed to be pulled down for guests. Having a chair, file cabinets, and shelving that tucks under or around the desk can also ensure that no excessive rearranging needs to be done when the bed is in use. 

Hobby Room

Sewing rooms, craft rooms, or any other kind of hobby rooms are all popular choices for wallbed placements as well. Depending on what your hobby is, you may need to consider various solutions for storage and workspaces. If your wallbed is dual purpose, equipped with a table on the other side, this may solve your workspace dilemma, however, you will still need storage and shelving that is situated around the wallbed without being in the way when the bed is in use. 

Sitting Area

If you are utilizing a wallbed in a sitting area, you may be wondering how to incorporate a couch or other comfortable seating options without needing to move everything around when the bed is in use. There are a few creative solutions depending on the space available. Some couches built with wallbeds in mind only use cushions on the back, and when these are removed, there is only a flat surface left that the wallbed can lay across. Another option is to place a couch elsewhere in the room and frame the wallbed in with chairs that are easy to slide slightly out of the way when you wish to use the bed. 

Regardless of what room you are adding a wallbed to, there are several solutions for how to style that room around it. Are you looking for more creative ideas, or are you ready to find the wallbed that is right for you? Find a showroom near you and contact our experts today