It’s no secret that we are big fans of wallbeds (here’s why!), and we believe that they can be used to transform any space into an extra sleeping area. We understand, however, that it can sometimes be challenging to figure out just how to make these space-saving beds feel as inviting and as much a part of the space as a permanent bed does. We’ve come up with a handful of ideas that we think may be helpful if you are struggling to incorporate your wallbed comfortably with the rest of your room. 


One of the first steps in figuring out how a wallbed fits into your room is first deciding on the functionality you are trying to achieve. If you are looking to have your bed double as a desk, the way you style the wallbed may differ from how you would if you want your bed to double as a bookshelf or a table. Determine what the room is used for most frequently, and begin to make stylistic choices based on those functions. Invest in a good desk chair to use when the bed is put away, or chairs to place around the table. Considering aspects like this will help your wallbed blend in with the room whether it is being utilized as a bed or an alternate piece of furniture. 


Another thing to consider when figuring out how to incorporate and style your wallbed in your room is how frequently the bed will be used. If you are planning on utilizing the bed every night, and putting it away every morning, minimalistic styling on and around the bed will make it easier to put away and take down. Choosing only a couple of pillows and blankets, and minimizing the amount of items stored on the desk or shelf side of the bed will reduce how much of a chore it is to get situated. 


In order to ensure that your wallbed fits within your space well and is easy to incorporate style-wise, it is essential to consider what size it should be. In kids’ rooms, smaller wallbeds should suffice, however, in rooms that will double as offices or crafts rooms, etc., it may require some careful consideration between full, queen, and king size. Choosing the correct sizing for the room will make your bed fit right in, and will also allow enough space around the bed, both when put away and when in use, for other items of furniture to comfortably exist. 


Perhaps one of the most important aspects of creating a seamless incorporation of your wallbed into your room is making stylistic decisions that match the aesthetic of the rest of the room. When shopping for a wallbed, you can choose many different finishes and colors of the bed frame itself. Furthermore, you can dress the bed in fabrics and upholstery that blend with the design of space. 


Regardless of how you have chosen to style the bed when it is in use, another key factor of styling your wallbed for any space is carefully choosing what pieces of furniture will frame it in the room. If your wallbed is equipped with a shelving unit on the other side, two armchairs that are easily moved may be good options to frame it in. Likewise, if it is equipped with a desk or a table on the other side, choose chairs that accent the functionality and that are mobile. 

Wallbeds are extremely versatile and can be made to fit into any space. By keeping these considerations in mind, you will not need to sacrifice comfort or style in order to enjoy the conveniences of a wallbed in your home. Ready to see your options? Want an expert opinion on what will work for your needs? Contact our representatives for assistance!