Valentine’s Day has arrived and what better way to add some romance to your relationship than with some quick fixes to the bedroom.

These affordable touches are an easy way to say, “I love you,” and “I care.” Plus, they make your bedroom feel that much more enticing and fun well past Valentine’s Day.

Five Bedroom Tips to Add Romance to Your Life

Think mood. Your bedroom should be a comfortable space to unwind, relax, and spend time with the special someone in your life.  Consider making changes to your bedroom to create a more peaceful, romantic mood.

Eliminate all electronic devices from the room. Unplug your mind and devices and make the bedroom an electronic-safe zone. Move phones, laptops, and even TV’s into another room to engage with your partner in a meaningful way, free from distractions.

Add scented candles or light the fireplace.  The warmth and fragrance of a scented candle emits peaceful tranquility and sets the mood for a romantic evening.  Light the fireplace for even more warmth and a soft glow and turn off the overhead lights.

Add decorative pillows to your Murphy Wallbed.  Pillows add a sense of softness and comfort to a bedroom adorned with a Murphy wallbed.  For information on how to use pillows to create a mood, read the article, How to Use Pillows in Staging.

Adorn the room with colorful flowers. Provided your loved one isn’t allergic to the aroma of freshly cut flowers, flora adds a burst of color that can easily set the scene for romance and love. Add a small bouquet to the cabinet of your Murphy wallbed or place them all around the room.

Consider soft whites and pastel colors. Mixing pristine white linens with pastel covers or pillows adds softness and warmth to any bedroom. Affordable options can be found online or in stores and provide a welcome change especially during spring. Murphy wallbeds can be made in advance, so decorating ahead of time with soft colors ensures the time is always right.

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