If, like many others, you are drawn to wall beds for their ability to provide more workable space in your home, you may be wondering exactly how much room is needed for a Murphy bed. Small apartment and tiny home residents may especially want to know the exact details regarding the size of a closed or open wallbed. The answer to “what size is a Murphy bed?” is dependent on a few factors, which we will discuss in this article.

At Wallbeds “n” More we offer a variety of unique hidden bed options that allow for dual-functionality in homes with minimal square footage. Our wallbeds can be customized by adding features such as a pull-down desk and piers which allow for shelving, drawers, and cabinets. Each Murphy bed style listing on our website includes a specifications sheet that details the entire dimensions of the open or closed wall bed, along with dimensions for specific pieces of the furniture.

Murphy Bed Mattress Size

One major factor of determining the size of a Murphy bed is the selected mattress size. The dimensions of your new wall bed will greatly depend on whether you choose a Twin, Twin Extra Long, Full, or Queen sized mattress. Our wall bed styles don’t all offer each mattress size, so be sure to check the wallbed’s listing page or speak with your local showroom representative to understand your options.

At Wallbeds “n” More our selection is crafted so that you are able to use your existing mattress, if desired, as long as the mattress height does not exceed eleven inches. We also carry mattresses with various features that provide optimal comfort and support for you and your guests.

Wallbeds with Desks

You can add a straight or shaped desk to any of our Murphy bed styles to be used while the mattress is stowed away. If you decide to add a desk to one of the piers on the side of your wallbed, you will want to take note of the dimensions shown on the listing page or specifications sheet to be sure that the desk will fit nicely in the flow of the room. Two wallbed styles that have desks built into the front rather than on the side are the Deluxe Desk Wallbed, and the Standard Desk Wallbed.

When a simple table for two is desired, perhaps for dining, the Barrington Table Bed and Euro Table Bed styles are also great options for those who want a table for two that can be used for dining. Like the Standard and Deluxe Desk Wallbeds, the table is placed at the front of the wall bed rather than on the side.

Murphy Bed Bookcase

Piers may be added to one or both sides of a Murphy bed to provide an enclosed area for shelves, cabinets, or drawers. Often referred to as a Murphy bed bookcase, the open or closed shelving can be used for books, art pieces, extra pillows and blankets, charging cords, laptops, and so much more. The optional piers that house the shelving, sold separately, add to the width of the wallbed. When piers are added to a wall bed, it’s often found that additional furniture is no longer needed because the storage space is already present.

Vertical or Horizontal

The size of a Murphy bed also depends on if the bed is stored against the wall vertically or horizontally. Horizontal hidden beds are a great option when ceiling height is low or if a lower profile in the room is desired. A horizontal wall bed will require a little more floor space but leaves more wall space available. Two of our popular horizontal wall beds are the Barrington and the Portola.

The Best Sized Murphy Bed for Your Home

When selecting a wallbed style, work with your local showroom representative or view the listing’s specifications to determine what will best compliment your living space. You can also use our Wallbed Room Planning Kit to help you plan specifics. Wallbeds “n” More is proud to offer a large selection of wall bed styles and sizes to accommodate your home!