In recent years, minimalism has become an increasingly popular trend. Even more than a trend, however, many people have adopted this as a way of life. This lifestyle entails purging your belongings and getting rid of items you truly do not use or need, keeping only the essentials. It usually utilizes minimum decor in your home, keeping a clean and simple appearance and style. While there is not a set list of instructions on exactly how to become a minimalist, the movement primarily involves being conscious of the decisions you are making regarding material possessions. If you consider yourself a minimalist, or you are wanting to transition into the lifestyle, incorporating wallbeds into your home may help you accomplish this goal. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits wallbeds provide for a minimalist life. 

Space Saving

Minimal decor often entails taking up as little room as possible, and leaving open space wherever possible. Reducing clutter and bulky pieces of furniture by investing in a wallbed can put your minimalist mind at ease whenever you are hanging out at home. A space free of nuisances and unnecessary belongings is a space where you can truly relax. Freeing up this area relieves you of guilt, worry, and being overwhelmed. 

Multiple Functions

Another aspect of minimalism is that pieces serving multiple functions take priority. By accomplishing multiple things with one item, you can remove the clutter of multiple other items from your space. Stowing your bed away during the day allows your room to become anything else you can dream of, whether it’s an art studio, a yoga space, an office, or more! 

Smaller Living Quarters

Because of this ability to take up less space by utilizing a wallbed, you may find yourself not needing as large of a living space. This allows you to downsize, freeing up finances as well. Smaller spaces mean less to worry about, taking your minimalist lifestyle even further. Multiple functions being served by one piece of furniture allows tremendous flexibility with your living space options. The possibilities are nearly endless! 

Simple Designs

You may have caught on that a theme within minimalism is simplicity. This often extends to the aesthetics of your decor as well. Luckily, wallbeds are extremely versatile, and there are many finishes, styles, and colors that are available. While your bed is tucked away, you can choose how it appears against your wall, from natural wood finish to a clean white, from a flat surface to one with shelving built in, even within the minimal design category, there are plenty of options to choose from. With wallbeds, you no longer need to worry about making your bed every morning to keep it from appearing untidy as well. Tuck it away out of sight and out of mind. 

Limited Extra Parts

When it comes to traditional bed frames, there are many things to consider. You need the frame, a headboard, a footboard, a box spring, a mattress, all of the things! With a wallbed, most everything is built into the design of the bed, per your specifications, so you won’t need to fuss with figuring out all the extras. 

There are many ways that wallbeds can be beneficial for a minimalist lifestyle. From fitting in aesthetically, to freeing up more space to live your life, chances are, a wallbed would be perfect for your home. Are you curious what your options are? Ready to find the minimal wallbed of your dreams? Reach out today!