Even though children may be tiny compared to adults, they still require a good deal of space. Between their clothes, toys, sports equipment, dance shoes, and books, you may find there’s not enough room in the kids’ room for the kids! To get the most functional living space in a small kids’ room, check out these tips.

Install a Wallbed
Some experts recommend using bunk beds to open up space under the bed for desks and storage, but to really maximize the space in a room, use a Murphy Wallbed instead. You can give your kids more floor space for playing by folding their beds up. You can even add cabinets or desks to a Wallbed unit to get even more usable space.

Kick the Toys Out
You don’t need to throw or give away all of your children’s toys, but consider using kids’ bedrooms as dedicated sleeping and studying rooms, and put their toys in a playroom. You could put two Wallbed and desk combo units in a small bedroom, and move all the toys out into a common area. You could even turn an unused dining room or other open area into a playroom to get the most out of the sleeping space you have.

Go Vertical
Install floor-to-ceiling bookcases to store books, toys, and games. Look for storage units and organizers that are made to stack on top of each other. Don’t forget about all the potentially wasted vertical space in the closet. Add another clothes rod, install some shelves, stash undies and socks in baskets on the floor, and ditch the dresser to make the most of your limited space.

Create an Illusion
Use paint, curtains, and other design elements to make a small room look even bigger than it is. Paint the ceiling a color other than white, and hang floor-to-ceiling curtains around a smaller window. Use lamps to bring light into dark corners to make a small children’s bedroom look bright and open.

To maximize the potential of your kids’ small room, visit Wallbeds “n” More in California. We offer Wallbeds and desk units to give you the space and storage you need in a small bedroom. To find out more about how we can help you expand your usable living space, call us at (888) 856-1192.