Apartments can be awesome living options. Whether you are a student and you spend most of your time in the library or class, you’re in a transition from one city to the next or you simply like the idea of having a small space that is easy to clean and maintain, apartments are excellent choices for a number of different situations.

However, while the perks of living in an apartment are many, they also come with their own list of drawbacks. One of the largest is the lack of space. Yes, it’s nice to not have room after room to vacuum and dust, but it can also be frustrating when guests come to stay and your only option is to throw a quilt on the couch and wish them a good night’s sleep.

So what are your options if you’re an apartment-liver who wants more space? If you don’t want to move to a larger space or discourage houseguests, you might want to consider some furniture options that will help you maximize the space you have without making major lifestyle changes.

Not having an extra bed is usually the biggest complaint of those who live in apartments and are expecting guests. While most apartments have enough space for a couch and some chairs in the living space and it’s pretty easy to work around a small kitchen, the lack of an extra bedroom is a tough one to navigate. An easy fix for this is to get a bed that performs double duty as another piece of furniture.

No, we’re not talking about those uncomfortable futons that you probably recall spending a number of restless nights on in the dorms. We’re talking about high quality furniture that either folds into the walls (perfect for a living area) or even into desks (excellent for that office that needs to transform into a second bedroom when your sister from out of state comes to visit). Other options include mobile chest beds (an attractive chest by day, a bed by night!) or bookcase beds.

Another option to open up space in your apartment is to have a storage unit. Most people who live in apartments are doing so for a short period of time and they don’t need all of their furniture, books, keepsakes, etc. While they aren’t ready to get rid of these belongings, they don’t mind having them stored off-site until the time they upgrade to a home with a basement. Leasing a storage unit is usually much less expensive than getting a larger apartment, and you can always get to your stuff if you really need it.

Most apartments also feature decks or patios, which are often underutilized. When the weather is warm, your deck or patio can act as a whole new room in your apartment. If you equip it with comfortable chairs, a table and some colorful plants or flowers, you and your guests or family can enjoy the expanded space and the fresh air. You can also consider buying a waterproof storage chest (similar to what people keep on their boats) and putting it on the deck to store extra pillows, blankets, winter clothing or anything else that won’t fit in your apartment closets.

There are a number of benefits to apartment-living, but a lot of space is not usually one of them! With the above tips, you can make the most of the space you have while still enjoying your apartment-living adventure.