In recent years, a push to minimize and downsize has become a popular trend. While we have already discussed how wallbeds fit perfectly in a minimalist lifestyle, we wanted to address whether or not wallbeds fit into the tiny home trend as well. There are many reasons that investing in a wallbed is the right choice if you are needing a sleep-space solution for your tiny home living arrangement. Before we dive into why we think they are the best option, let’s first take a look at what exactly this tiny home trend is. 

What are Tiny Homes? 

While there are no specific size guidelines set for what constitutes a tiny home, most of what are considered to fall within this growing craze are not much bigger than a shed or a camper. This extremely downsized lifestyle is truly not for everyone, but for those who choose to pursue it, there is a theme of seeking freedom from the norm and from ties such as a hefty mortgage that limit the ability to experience life to the fullest. There is a tremendous amount of flexibility that comes with the tiny home living trend, such as the ability to go off grid, to travel with your home, and to do so without sacrificing your own personal space. 

Tiny homes have become so popular within the past decade that there are now companies who can custom build them, and communities made up entirely of itty bitty houses. There are products made specifically for tiny home living and magazines dedicated to making creative suggestions on how to best adapt to this adjustment in lifestyle. While the popularity and acceptance of this alternative housing choice grows, there is still one common problem to solve: the sleeping arrangement. Let’s check out why many tiny home owners are turning to wallbeds. 

Why a Wallbed? 

When it comes to designing and furnishing a tiny home, the need for creativity and ingenuity is imminent. There is limited space to work with, and careful decisions need to be made about what to include and where. Quite often, wallbeds are the winners in terms of best bedroom choices, and it’s pretty obvious why. 


One of the main perks of choosing a wallbed for your tiny home is the fact that it is able to be stowed away when not in use. Permanent fixtures within a tiny home can greatly limit how you can use the already-scarce space inside. Having a wallbed that stores vertically along your wall opens up a tremendous amount of floor space that can be better utilized during the day. 


Another perk of choosing a wallbed for tiny home living is the extra storage that it can bring with it. Depending on what wallbed you decide on, you can add wardrobe features, shelving units, drawers, and more. 

Dual Functionality

In addition to extra storage space, depending on what wallbed you go with for your tiny home, you can also choose to add dual functionality. Having pieces of furniture that serve multiple purposes is key within a tiny home. Your bed can become your desk or your table when stowed away, which also leaves you with less furniture to move aside when it’s time to sleep! 


Many people think that in a tiny home, you have to sacrifice a certain level of comfort that you get only in traditional houses. While you may not have as much room to spread out, one thing you should never sacrifice comfort with is your bed. Wallbeds utilize high quality mattresses so no matter how tiny your home, you can still get a good night’s sleep. 


Wallbeds also offer a lot of customizable options. From finishes to embellishments and hardware, your wallbed can be designed to look like it was built right in your tiny home from the beginning. 

If you are interested in learning more about wallbeds, or if you want to see your options for putting one in your tiny home, schedule an appointment at your local showroom today