COVID-19 and shelter in place are becoming the new norm in most states. Elementary, Middle and High School children are being home schooled for the remainder of the school year. College kids are home and doing their classes on line and many businesses are having their employees set up offices in their homes. Homes are needing more space to learn, teach and work.

Wallbeds & College Students

While this is a very serious event, humor and lightness will help us get through it. In fact, a wallbed might help ease the situation a little by creating more space. Wallbeds are very popular with our customers who have college-aged kids because it gives them the opportunity to claim their space back, while still having a bed for the returning children to come to. With the sudden return of your college students, you may not have been expecting to relinquish the room so soon.

Wallbeds to Work from Home

In addition, many industries and businesses who couldn’t previously work from home now are, or are doing it full-time when they couldn’t previously. As the time period required for self-isolation is unknown, now is a good time to finally create that home office you always wanted. A wallbed is perfect for this because you can choose between a side desk, a rolling desk or even a desk built into the wallbed for extra space.

A Wallbed for Extra Beds

Unexpected guests require more beds - try a wallbed

For some, self-isolation may mean having guests that weren’t originally intended and now have a full house without a bed to offer them. Since a wallbed folds away by day, customers have installed them in living rooms, dens and even family entertainment areas in addition to bedrooms and spare rooms. Having that extra bed with comfort without taking up extra space is stress relieving to say the least!

For all of these, we are able to offer immediate wallbeds for delivery based on current showroom supply. Please contact your local showroom.

How Wallbeds “n” More is Preparing for COVID-19

Each local Wallbeds “n” More store is owned by a local small business owner and we are doing our best to remain open while following health mandates. Learn more about our Wallbeds “n” More COVID-19 policy updates, including being open by appointment and have showroom stock wallbeds to deliver.

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