The fantastic thing about Murphy Wallbeds is that they have such a small footprint while folded away. That is their single greatest benefit in saving space, while still being a queen-sized bed for guests to sleep in (or twin). They can even be the main bed for your home as well, enabling kids to have a playroom in addition to an ‘adult’ bed.

The main factor that plays into whether a Murphy Wallbed is for you is the wall space available. This will help you decide if you want the most popular, Queen-sized vertical murphy bed, if you need a horizontal murphy bed, or if you need a smaller sized wallbed, such as a twin murphy bed.

Vertical Murphy Bed Sizing

We carry several lines and styles of wallbeds so exact measurements vary between each bed, but an example of vertical sizing from our Barrington Murphy Wallbed would be:

Barrington wallbed, gray murphy bed

44″W x 85″H x 17.25″D / 81″D (Open)


Twin Extra Long:
44″W x 90″H x 17.25″D / 86″D (Open)

59″W x 85″H x 17.25″D / 81″D (Open)

65″W x 90″Hx 17.25″D / 86″D (Open)

Queen Bed w/ Table:
65″W x 90″H x 17.25″D/ 86″D (Open)

Horizontal Murphy Bed Sizing

Barrington Chocolate Horizontal Wallbed

The Barrington is also available in one horizontal size:

Queen Horizontal:
85″W x 70.5″H x 17″D / 66″D (Open)



Wallbed hidden bed and hutch, wallbed with shelves

Another popular horizontal bed is our dual function bed the Standard Desk Wallbed:

84″W x 73″H x 44″D / 64″D (Open)

Full w/ Hutch:
84″W x 90″H x 44″D / 64″D (Open)

88.5″W x 75″H x 50″D / 70″D (Open)

Queen w/ Hutch:
88.5″W x 90″H x 50″D / 70″D (Open)

Other space to take into account is how much room you have to walk around the bed when it is lowered, plus where does the door swing into the room and will the bed interfere with that.

All of our Wallbeds “n” More showrooms offer free personalized appointments to help you customize the right bed for your situation. A murphy bed is one of best investments into your home – it adds an extra room to your house and it can move with you too!

With showrooms throughout Northern CA, Southern CA, Arizona and Texas, we have the west coast covered. If this is outside your area, call the corporate office and we can help with the purchase process. Find your nearest location!