Get a good night's sleep on a Wallbeds "n" More Mattress

A recent study by the National Centre for Social Research determined that a good night’s sleep is the key to happiness. Conclusive evidence of more than 8000 British participants revealed that quality of sleep is directly related to a person’s well-being.

According to an article in the Huffington Post, “All the Ways Sleep Affects Your Happiness, In One Chart,” people who regularly get a solid night’s rest

  • report more productivity at work
  • react less negatively to stressful situations
  • have better relationships with partners
  • make better parents
  • feel less depressed
  • report less weight gain
  • are less prone to disease
  • cause less accidents

Ways to Get a Good Night’s Rest

Getting a restful night’s sleep starts with preparing yourself to wind down after a long day. The National Sleep Foundation recommends these “Healthy Sleep Tips”:

  • turn off all electronics at least an hour before you want to go to sleep
  • exercise daily, but avoid exercising too late in the evening
  • finish your evening meal hours before you go to bed
  • refrain from any activity or thoughts that might make it difficult for your brain to adjust to sleep-mode
  • take a warm bath or listening to soft music
  • keep a consistent sleep schedule
  • sleep on a comfortable mattress and pillow

Consider Wallbeds “n” More for All Your Sleep Needs

Wallbeds “n” More is more than just a retail furniture store that sells comfortable wallbeds and Murphy beds. We sell a variety of high-quality mattresses in all sizes to help you get a peaceful and relaxing night’s sleep.

When you stop in at one of our convenient locations, you can ask one of our expert wallbed professionals to help you pick a mattress that is just right for your sleep needs.

Whether you prefer a firm, soft, or foam mattresses, we have each at an affordable price that can be delivered to your door. Not sure which you prefer? Ask our professionals to help you pick one out or check them out online.

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Getting a good night’s sleep is paramount to everyone’s well-being. Let Wallbeds “n” More be the first step to a happier you! Visit us online for a location that is close to you.