When family and friends come into town, do you have a place for them to stay? Often, our time with our loved ones during visits is limited, and we are always looking for more ways to spend as much time together as possible. With this in mind, a great way to accomplish this goal is by creating a space within your home where guests can stay. There are many benefits to having a guest room available in your home, and many reasons a wallbed is the best way to create a warm welcome. Let’s check them out! 

Benefits of a Guest Room

Having the ability to allow guests to stay in your home during their visits comes with many benefits. One of the most notable positives of this solution is that you end up having more time together, since there is no wasted time commuting back and forth between your home and the hotel or wherever else they may stay. This gives you the opportunity to create many more lasting memories together, all within your own home. 

Another positive to having a guest room in your house is that there is no more worry about coordinating rides and having to drop them off where they are staying and pick them up when you want to see them. You will no longer need to convince them to rent a car while in town or waste your gas going back and forth everyday. The commute will be a few steps out of your bedroom door, no carpool needed! 

Lastly, an additional benefit for your guests when staying in your home is the money that they will be saving! They will no longer need to spend hours scouring for the best hotel prices in your area, and instead can focus on spending their hard-earned money on more enjoyable things, like souvenirs or experiences together! 

Why a Wallbed? 

Now that we have you convinced on why guests should stay in your home when they visit, you may be wondering, “Is a wallbed really necessary?” There are more than a few reasons why wallbeds are the best solution for guest sleeping quarters, so let’s dive right in! 

Dedicated Space

There’s nothing worse than going to stay at someone’s house and having them scurry to figure out where you will be sleeping, and ending up with a sheet on their couch. Prevent your guests from feeling like they are in the way with a dedicated guest suite that includes a wallbed just for them. Even if you do not have a spare room to use solely as a guest bedroom all the time, a wallbed in an office or hobby room can serve as a separate bedroom for the duration of their stay, allowing them to feel right at home. 

Luxurious Comfort

With other stowaway bed options or couches, the comfort level is pretty low. They can be lumpy, bumpy, and overall not supportive, which does not make for a very pleasant sleeping experience. Wallbeds offer luxurious comfort with actual mattresses, so your guests won’t be waking up stiff or in pain. 

Quality Sleep

This level of comfort and a dedicated space also lead to a higher quality of sleep for your friends and family. They will be waking up full of energy, well-rested, and ready to enjoy all of the time they get to spend with you. 

There are many benefits to having the ability to allow guests to stay in your home while they are visiting, and many ways that wallbeds outshine the other stowaway beds on the market. If you are interested in getting a wallbed for your guest room, schedule an appointment at your local showroom today