While there may not be a lot of traveling happening in the world these days, we know that there is still the occasional out-of-town family member who wants to come visit, or the friend from back home who you have not seen in a handful of years. There will always be guests to host, and having a luxury guest suite ready and waiting in your home whenever you need it allows you to have even more time with your loved ones.

Almost any room in your home can be turned into a guest suite fairly easily. While there are many ways of achieving this, we have witnessed a tremendous amount of success with guest rooms that utilize wallbeds for sleeping arrangements. There are many available wallbed options that will work in a guest suite depending on what your wants and needs are. Let’s dive in and learn more! 

What Room Can Be a Guest Suite?

In reality, there really is not a room that you can’t add extra guest accommodation in. Well, maybe you would not add a guest bed in your master suite, but it is possible if you did want to! There are other rooms in your home that may be more ideal for accommodating your guests in, however. Home offices, for instance, are an extremely popular choice to turn into a guest suite. Because offices are typically only used during work hours, and the only furniture really necessary in there is a desk and chair, and perhaps a filing cabinet or two, these rooms work quite well as a sleeping space for your visitors. 

Another ideal room for a part-time guest suite is a craft, hobby, or sewing room. While crafting supplies and sewing stuff may take up a decent amount of room, these items can typically be fairly easily organized, leaving plenty of room for a guest bed to be stowed up on the wall and pulled down when someone is visiting. Since this is a room that is not constantly in use as well, your life will not need to be rearranged around someone staying for a few days. 

Even though this option may not provide as much privacy as the others listed above, a living room can also serve as a guest room when you invest in a wallbed. This luxury stowaway bed can serve many purposes and can even add functionality to your living room when not being used as guest sleeping accommodations. 

Why Choose a Wallbed?

There are many reasons to chose a wallbed over other kinds of guest beds. Wallbeds are convenient, without sacrificing the comfort. While many stowaway beds require mattresses that fold or roll, making them lumpy or bumpy when in use, wallbeds use high quality mattresses that simply stand vertically on the wall when they are not in use, meaning that the sleeping surface is not compromised. In addition to providing a quality guest sleeping experience, wallbeds can elevate any room they are placed in, adding usable surfaces and extra functionalities. They are also customizable, allowing you to choose the style and finish that works best for your home. 

What Wallbed Should I Choose?

At Wallbeds “n” More, we have numerous options for you to choose from, as we house the largest selection of wallbeds in the USA. Take a look at our wallbeds here, or learn more about choosing the best wallbed for your lifestyle here. Ready to take the next step, or still have questions? Check out your local showroom and set up an appointment today