When you have a small bedroom, keeping it tidy and organized can be enough of a challenge let alone making it stylish and comfortable. At Wallbeds “n” More, we are experts in using a hidden wall bed and other interior design tricks to transform small spaces into beautiful and functional living areas. 

Here are 11 clever tips sure to change your bedroom, even a small one, into a delightful retreat that feels spacious. 


Install Recessed or Hanging Lighting

By installing hanging, recessed, or mounted wall lighting, you bring character to the room while simultaneously freeing up floor or nightstand space that would otherwise be used for lamps. With many of our custom twin, full, or queen wall beds, accent lighting can be installed right within the furniture unit itself.


Use Mirrors

Mirrors not only add decorative flare to a room, but can make it feel larger as well. Consider mounting a mirror to the wall, installing mirrored closet doors, or even simply buying a leaning mirror to stand up against an accent wall to enhance your space. If you have a hidden wall bed, you can also mount a mirror above the headboard to make the room seem larger. 


Utilize Vertical Space Wisely

Maximize your use of floor to ceiling space by adding shelving staggered up the height of the wall. Floating shelves or live edge shelves can bring extra sophistication to a room, keeping it simple yet tasteful. A bookshelf murphy bed is also an excellent way to draw the eye upward along the shelves and provide a place to showcase sentimental items


Add Creative Seating

By adding a wider window sill to a small room, you can easily maximize your seating area with a window bench. A tiny reading nook can also be created in a corner with a simple hanging chair, a rug, and a few cozy pillows. 


Create an Illusion of High Ceilings

Visually play with your space by adding curtains that hang from the edge of your ceiling or wainscotting to make the walls look taller. These techniques can draw the eye upward and give the illusion of vaulted ceilings even in a small area. 


Ditch the Clutter

Furnish a small room only with necessary items and invest in organization and storage solutions to keep items out of the way in an orderly fashion. At Wallbeds “n” More we offer a large selection of organizational features such as a bookshelf murphy bed, a murphy bed desk with drawers, and a queen wall bed system with cabinets to provide optimal storage in even the smallest of spaces.


Play with Colors and Textures

Don’t be afraid to add bold colors to a small bedroom whether it be on an accent wall, a fuzzy rug or bright throw pillows. Even dark colors can be incorporated so long as you have enough natural light coming into the room. Also, consider adding interesting, eye-catching textures on everything from throw blankets and pillows to floor and window coverings to freshen up your decor. 


Invest in a Hidden Wall Bed

By choosing a hidden wall bed for your small space you are investing in a piece of furniture that will add not only style and instant floor space, but dual functionality to your room for many years to come. 

Try adding a bookshelf murphy bed to store books, photos, and decor items without taking up more space with other furniture. You can choose a twin wall bed frame, a full wall bed, or even a queen size wall bed depending on the size of your room. While our murphy beds are bolted to the wall for safety purposes, they can be removed and taken with you anytime you relocate.


Bring the Outdoors In

Adding nature to indoor spaces, especially through the use of live plants and cut flowers, can be a delightful way to attract the eye and make even the smallest of rooms more inviting. Plants have a soothing effect and can also be a great way to decompress and add a relaxing vibe to your space. 


Let There Be Light

If you’re short on windows, consider adding a skylight to flood your room with natural light. If that’s not an option, adding glowing lanterns or other ambient lighting can help set a calming and relaxing mood and make your transition from work to home a smooth one. 


Dare to Decorate  

When working with a tiny space, it’s better to choose one bold art piece or colorful accent wall than to decorate with many small decorative pieces scattered throughout the room. Our hidden wall beds fold down to reveal a perfect headboard area for displaying a special piece of artwork and we can even add spotlighting to draw attention to it as well. 


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