One of the best perks about working from home is that you can truly make your office space your own, and with a murphy bed desk combo from Wallbeds “n” More you are sure to have all of the options you could ever dream of! With choices ranging from a compact twin wall bed to a wallbed with desk, come to our showroom and delight in your ability to create the perfect home office. 


Follow these expert tips to create a beautiful and functional home office with a space-saving hidden wall bed. When you’ve selected your favorite, you can use our Room Planner Kit or work with our specialists to design your room’s layout as well. 


Choose a Location


Perhaps you are a working mom who needs to be stationed in a central location like a den or dining room in order to help kids with their homework. You may prefer the Euro Table Bed since the desk can easily be folded back into the front of the cabinet. 

Euro Table Bed Open Close up

Or maybe you’re a busy professional who needs a private space like a closed off home office and storage options. In your own room you can host Zoom meetings and make important phone calls. At Wallbeds “n” More, we can help you choose the murphy bed desk combo that best suits your home office needs. 


We offer hidden wall beds that fit any room in your home, from small standalone chest wall beds to larger vertical murphy bed models with plenty of shelf space. If you have a special location in mind where an L-shaped unit would fit nicely, we can suggest one of our Murphy bed furniture systems to fit. 


Choose your Storage Features


At Wallbeds “n” More we are able to customize our furniture units so that your murphy bed can be designed and built with your storage needs in mind. Choose a piece of furniture with plentiful storage options such as:


  • Murphy bed bookcase
  • Wallbed with an armoire
  • Custom lighting features 
  • Murphy bed with shelving
  • Wallbeds with desk features
  • Murphy bed with cabinets


If you choose solid wood cabinet doors you are able to conceal unsightly items like Wi-Fi routers, cords, extra paper and notebooks. If you choose open shelving you can display artwork, collectibles, or special awards. 


You don’t just have to choose one style however. If you would like your murphy bed desk combo to include both cabinets and open shelving, we can make that happen! 


Create a Welcoming Seating Area


Even an at-home office should have a meeting space, but it doesn’t have to be a large boardroom table. Having a comfortable chair directly across from your desk with some calming ambient lighting and a rug makes a space feel comfortable for clients, coworkers, or guests. 


Accessorize and Decorate


At Wallbeds “n” More, the “More” in our name exists because we also offer decorative accents such as lamps, rugs, and accessories to really make your wallbed pop. Think about adding plants to your home office to create peace and balance. Select warm color tones to create a cozy feel, or cooler tones to inspire relaxation and serenity.


With our personalization options, you can also select the wood type and finish color along with the hardware style to match the interior design theme of your home. Whether you want black hinges, bronze knobs, or brushed silver drawer handles, we can work with you to design a piece of furniture that blends seamlessly into your vision for the room. 


Make your Office Ergonomically Sound


When choosing a desk and a chair for your home office it’s important to think about how much space you will need in order to stand up, sit down, and push back from the desk comfortably. The Deluxe Desk Wallbed model which is popular with customers designing at-home offices because the items on the desktop don’t need to be moved when the bed is lowered for use. 


Choosing a chair that helps you maintain posture and provides a high level of support will also be beneficial especially if you are sitting for a large portion of the day. Selecting a desk chair with wheels makes things even more convenient as you are able to scoot around from your murphy bed desk to the bookshelves, drawers, and cabinets surrounding it.


Find Your Local Wallbeds “n” More Showroom!


At Wallbeds “n” More we have a variety of murphy bed desk combinations for you to choose from. One of our favorite things to do is help people design the home office of their dreams! Visit our locations page to find the nearest showroom location. 


We are grateful to be able to have a presence in so many cities, and look forward to helping you choose your favorite new piece of furniture for your at-home office.