Depending on where you are located, you have noticed with international travel restrictions still in place, people are traveling more ‘locally’, such as within the state. That means that Airbnbs are still full, or you may have more family and friends visiting and staying in your guest room at your house.

Each guest room has a unique perspective; as an Airbnb guest room is a business and any expenses are a write-off towards your asset. On the other hand, a guest room for friends and family may just be an expense for personal use.

That’s the difference between a purchase for a business (an investment) and a personal purchase (a debt), and is part of the reason for increased popularity of Airbnb aka, short term rentals.

Keeping Guest Room Costs Down

A smart home owner and business owner always starts out with a budget in mind, so that they have an idea of what they are willing to spend, or what they need to spend to reach their end goal. That way you can prioritize your purchases based on importance. For example, a bed is the most important element, followed by furniture/storage for guest clothes. Further down the list may be decorating items. Painting a room or adding curtains will have a more dramatic effect than just a single piece of art, etc. Know what you need and plan them out in order or priority, or impact that they bring to your room.

Luckily, it’s easy to get ideas from Pinterest, there are apps to preview paint colors on your walls before you paint, and for our future clients interested in a wallbed to save space, we’ve created a Room Planner Kit to help you plan for a wallbed in your home.

Have a Plan for Your Guest Room or Airbnb

When you have a final design style in mind, it makes the steps in your decorating easier. Create a Pinterest board of collections of styles that you like so that you know the general look and feel you are creating. That way, if you see something cute online, or in store, you can pull up your board and decide whether it really matches with your vision.

TJ Maxx, Ross, Marshalls and Home Goods are all places to visit to find amazing décor at discounted prices. Go in there with a purpose of items you are looking for, but also be open to other ideas that fit the theme you have in mind.

Plan for Your Room

Is your room intended to be a luxurious getaway for your guests, is it a comfortable resting place, is it a place where they can work remotely? All of these affect how you decorate your Airbnb or guest room, just as it would any room in your home.

Wallbeds are perfect for guest rooms and Airbnbs because of the amount of space they save. By folding away during the day, even the smallest room can house guests but still offer a workable space during the day.

For a more luxurious room, this is often a room with more space. Here you can choose heavier or more ornate furniture and décor. Our wallbeds are perfect for this because you can choose the exact murphy bed style that is right for you, from more modern, to more traditional, and matching wood finishes, you can customize it to suit your needs.

Do you need a desk so that guests/travelers can work from ‘home’, or maybe storage racks for their luggage for easy access?

All this preplanning show thoughtfulness to your guests and make them appreciate visiting your place when their day is just easy.

In the end, creating the ideal guest room, whether for an Airbnb or your own home, takes a little planning to choose the style and furniture you need, but comes at a great benefit of giving your guest (and you as the host) peace of mind during their stay.

Interested in learning more about how a wallbed might fit your needs? Contact your Wallbeds “n” More nearest showroom today for a virtual tour or private appointment.