Health Benefits to Sleeping with your Pet

It’s late and time for bed, or maybe it’s cold and windy, and you are just winding down the evening with a good movie or TV show.  Your faithful companion, your beloved dog or cat, settles in for the night, finding comfort as you do in your wallbed from Wallbeds “n” More.

You find relief in your faithful companion, who seems to enjoy your Murphy Bed as much as you do. But are there true benefits to sleeping with your pet outside of the companionship you both crave?

You bet there is, and Wallbeds “n” More wouldn’t want your dog or cat to have to sleep on the floor.  We want them snug and tight with you while you slumber, and here’s a few reasons why.

Justification for Sleeping with your Dog or Cat

 Pets help you sleep better: According to an article from Today, sleeping with a pet in your bed actually gives you a sense of security. Contrary to beliefs that claim pets disrupt your slumber, this study offers advice to suggest that sleeping with your pet is healthy and provides peace of mind.

Sleeping with Pets Brings Comfort: Respondents in the Today article claimed they felt a sense of ease and comfort when their dog or cat slept with them.  Some actually reported feeling a sense of coziness and warmth when their animal slept next to them.

Pets Help Ease Anxiety: People who tend to feel anxious or overwhelmed can find solace in sleeping with their pet.  Pets cause some people to feel more relaxed, rested, and less anxious.

Pets Lower Stress and Blood Pressure: A study by the Sleep Judge proved that when people petted animals, their blood pressure dropped and alleviated symptoms of stress.

 Sleeping with Pets Eases Symptoms of Depression: Depression can lead to loneliness, and having a fur baby next to you in your wallbed alleviates those feelings.  Pets give you structure and routine, and when your pet needs to get up, eat, and exercise, it gives you reason to get out of bed after your good night’s sleep.

 Pets Beat Insomnia: When people suffer from anxiety or worry, a pet’s touch or the sound of their breath can help soothe a person and help them sleep.

The Results are In

 With proof to back your desire to sleep with your pet, there is no reason to feel guilty! Sleeping with your pets in your bed can improve your health.

Choosing a Bed from Wallbeds and More

 If you are are looking for a new bed to enjoy with your pet, a mobile bed, sofa wallbed, or wallbed is the perfect solution to save space and sleep comfortably! Visit us online to find a location close to you. We have a professional staff to help pick out the wallbed that is best for you and your pet!