No matter how big your bedroom is, it seems to be a common problem to run out of space! Between books piling up on your nightstand, clothes spilling out of your drawers and linens stacked higher and higher in the closet, it’s easy to run out of places to put things, leaving your bedroom feeling too cluttered. 

A cluttered bedroom does not make for a relaxing, peaceful space, and your bedroom should be the most restful room in your home. At Wallbeds “n” More, we have an expansive variety of space saving solutions to help you keep the clutter to a minimum, organize your belongings, and increase the calm factor in your bedroom. 

Instant Floor Space

If you want extra floor space in your bedroom, the solution that will make the most impact is the Murphy bed. What is a Murphy bed exactly? Simply, it’s a bed that folds down from the wall. While not in use, you can store your bed against the wall- hidden by a beautiful, hand-crafted cabinet. 

The wall bed is an innovative multi-functional piece of furniture that effortlessly helps you create free space. The structure of our hidden wall beds can be customized to help you meet your storage needs and streamline your organization habits. More on that later! 

Vertical Space

One way we can help you achieve a peaceful, organized bedroom is through vertical storage space. When you choose a Murphy bed folding model, not only does the bed itself close back up into the wall creating a large, tidy floor space, but it is also able to be customized with vertical shelving units and even cabinet doors. 

Whether you want to display family photographs or heirlooms with accent lighting behind glass cabinet doors, or stack your collection of books on open shelving units, your wallbed can accommodate all of your storage preferences, turning what used to be a cluttered, short nightstand into a beautiful display area. 

Drawers and Wardrobes

At Wallbeds “n” More, we also offer other creative storage solutions for the bedroom such as drawer systems and even full wardrobes with your hidden wall bed. Talk about maximizing closet space! Whether you are running out of room for clothes in your closet, or would like to have a separate space to store linens like sheets, blankets, and towels, we can customize your Murphy bed to meet your preferences. 

Drawer systems, cubbies, and wardrobes (also known as armoires) can be an excellent way to maintain the seamless look of a beautiful piece of furniture. No one will guess that it hides stacked up linens and personal items that might make your space feel messy! 


If you are an avid reader, book collector, or double your bedroom as a home office, a Murphy bed model with built-in bookshelves perfectly fits your needs. Take a look at our Library model or the Nantucket wallbed to see two examples of beautiful and functional storage systems, available as a queen wall bed, that will help transform your bedroom to a peaceful sanctuary.

No More Messy Cords

Many of our units at Wallbeds “n” More, from the simplest to the most elaborate, are able to be outfitted with built-in USB ports. Not only does this make charging your devices much more convenient, but it also allows there to be a designated place to hide cords and chargers. 

Unseen electrical cords make your space look neater and less cluttered. If you’d prefer to be able to keep items plugged in during the day but avoid the look of an untidy nightstand, we can install USB ports in inconspicuous places such as behind cupboard doors. 

A Myriad of Options!

At Wallbeds “n” More, we have many different locations to serve you. Browse our selection of wallbed furniture specially designed to save space and promote organization, or visit one of our showrooms to view the many models for yourself! We are confident that together we can customize furniture that will transform your bedroom into a true place of rest and relaxation, enhancing your peace of mind.