One of the easiest ways to maximize the usable space of your home is to use a wallbed. There are many different ways that a wallbed can be used to create a dual-functioning space depending on what you need. In this article we’ve listed 10 ways to use a hidden wall bed. We hope this sparks creative planning for your own home!

  1. Home office and guest room: A home office with Murphy bed has the ability to quickly transform into a guest room. A Murphy bed desk combo enables you to dedicate just one room for both a home office and space for overnight guests. You may be working from home using a Muprhy bed with a desk most of the year. Then, just before guests arrive, stow-away the desk and fold out a full or queen size, made-up bed within minutes.
  2. Multi-family dwellings: Make the most of an additional living space on your property. Sometimes called a “Mother-in-Law suite,” a separate unit made for an additional party to share your property has the added benefits of privacy and space boundaries.
  3. Children’s room: The kids will enjoy having extra room for activities! Corral toys into one room and provide adequate storage space for items to be put away. The fold-down bed can be used temporarily with guests or nightly to make a children’s bedroom.
  4. Home library: With a Murphy bed bookcase there’s no need to remove your books and decor before the furniture’s transformation. Add a wall bed with bookshelf to any room and customize it to fit your unique style and needs, such as adding the convenience of built-in overhead lights. Select the popular Library model and enjoy many open shelves.
  5. Dedicated hobby zone: When you reside in a smaller residence or share a home with many occupants, finding space for your hobbies can be difficult. By upgrading to a wall bed in your master bedroom, you can create a space when time allows for crafting and easily store supplies (including the desk itself!) when more floor space is desired.
  6. At-home workout area: They say half the battle is getting to the gym. Increase your workout frequency by having the option to exercise at home! Access to a clear floor space is instantaneous when you have a hidden wall bed.
  7. Relaxation space: In the same way that temporary storage of a bed against the wall provides floor space for working out, the clear area can (and should!) be used for relaxation. At-home yoga, pilates, or stretching has never been easier.
  8. Additional storage space: Stay organized and store belongings with easy access or use bookshelves to display items. Shelves and cabinets can be added to most of our wall bed styles, and you can even add a wardrobe to your Murphy bed! Wallbeds with desk configurations can include drawers as well.
  9. Airbnb or Vrbo quarters: Your listing can accommodate more overnight travelers without additional square footage. Guests will enjoy the ability to use the space during the day as well as the comfort of a full or queen size bed.
  10. Tiny home living: “Permanent fixtures within a tiny home can greatly limit how you can use the already-scarce space inside. Having a wallbed that stores vertically along your wall opens up a tremendous amount of floor space that can be better utilized during the day.” — A Recent Wallbeds “n” More Blog Post

Hidden wall beds provide extra space in a variety of ways and they can add to the functionality of any room. You can enjoy using your room throughout the year and your guests will enjoy a full or queen sized mattress on a high quality bed system. Wondering how exactly a wallbed works? Check out this article to learn how Murphy beds are able to easily transform.

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