Wallbeds are no longer limited to just guest rooms and extra sleeping spaces. More and more homeowners are switching to wallbeds not only for their primary sleeping arrangements, but also for their children’s rooms as well. Ultimately, there are so many benefits to utilizing wallbeds for your kids, and there are solutions for each age group. Let’s dive right in! 

Benefits of Wallbeds for Kids


With many different styles available, wallbeds are truly versatile. You can pick beds with desks, beds with bookshelves, beds with tables, beds by themselves, beds on rollers, or bunk beds. There is a solution for everyone, and whatever your room goals are, they can be achieved with a wallbed. 


With wallbeds, there is plenty of opportunity for customization. We have several finishes available, and many colors to choose from. Pick between a full range of sizes as well. If none of our finishes suit your desires, you can go with an unfinished wallbed, so you and your child can decorate it with whatever paint, finish, stain, stickers, or more you want. This kind of customization truly allows your child to make the bed their own. 

Developing Routines

The main perk of wallbeds is the ability to tuck them up and away when you are finished sleeping on them. This requires a routine to be developed, which can prove to be extremely useful when encouraging responsibilities for your child. In the mornings, show your kid how to smooth out the surface of the bed and lift it up out of the way. In the evenings, show your kid how to clear floor space and clean up the room before pulling the bed down and into sleeping position. After assisting them a few times, they should be able to make this part of their daily routine on their own. 

Wallbed Solutions for Each Age Group


Some may worry that wallbeds, with all their moving pieces, may not be safe for younger children, such as toddler age. However, wallbeds are designed to be safe to operate and sleep on for any individual, no matter how young. In fact, wallbeds may even prove to be sturdier and more reliable than a typical bed. Plus, you get the benefit of giving your toddler more playspace while their bed is tucked up and away. By eliminating the bed as an obstacle, you are creating a safe environment for your little one, without having to worry about them climbing up onto and falling off of a traditional bed. 

Elementary-Middle School

With the majority of schools being strictly home-based now, your school-aged children need a dedicated desk space. We have multiple wallbed options that are equipped with a desk, so while the bed is put away, school can be in session. Easily tuck away the laptop and notebooks to pull the bed back down when needed. This versatility also allows for more free space in the room during the day, so your kid is free to be. 


Teenagers are known to be angsty. Making decisions about their rooms and furniture is not exempt from that trepidation. If you have a teen, a wallbed can prove to be a great solution, checking off many boxes for both teenager and parent. With many teens requiring desk space to do schoolwork at home, a wallbed with a built-in desk dual functionality would be ideal. Adding extra shelves on either side will allow for more storage space and the ability to personalize it a bit by adding pictures with friends and other trinkets.

As you can see, there are multiple benefits to wallbeds, and there is a wallbed solution for every age range. If you’re ready to take a look at what we have, and find the perfect wallbed for your child, find a showroom near you and contact us today