Some wonder why there was a point when Murphy Beds ever went out of style. They are practical, space saving, and can be designed to suit any style. Which is why they are making a come-back!

Any Google search will quickly pull up a wide range of Murphy Bed manufacturers and online stores, but as we’ve discussed in the past, just because something is cheaper online doesn’t mean it is the best option to choose. Read our blog: Consider More Than Price when you’re shopping for a Wallbed

Ways to Add a Murphy Bed to Your House

vacation home murphy bed, winter cabin wallbed, horizontal twinThe versatility of the Murphy Bed, or wallbed, has brought it back into many homes. They can be used in the guest room, but also in the main living room where a smaller twin horizontal wallbed can create an extra sleeping area while having a smaller footprint against the wall.

Murphy Beds can turn your guest room into a kids’ play room, and adult craft/sewing room, a workout or yoga room, a game area or even a family entertainment room with our sofa wallbed.

Adding A Murphy Bed to A Vacation Home

The best part about a Murphy bed is that you have a full sized mattress and comfortable bed at night, but during the day the bed can be folded away to maximize living space. This is fantastic for vacations homes where you want to have the ability to sleep as many people as possible for those extended family getaways, or even to list your house on Air BnB for other families to enjoy.

With these dual function wallbeds, you can maximize space by having a smaller dining table, desk or sofa by day and a bed by night!

If you are looking for a way to add more room to your home, or even to have the ability to welcome guests comfortably, consider a murphy bed for your home. With showroom locations in California, Arizona and Texas, we accommodate in-person appointments. If these wallbeds locations are too far, contact our corporate office to discuss your wallbeds purchase.