We get it, you’re probably wondering why you should invest your money into a murphy bed (wallbed) when you could just get a cheap frame and guest bed. And for some people, this may actually be the best option if you just need a cheap solution.

Euro Table Bed - Bark, Open
The Euro Table bed – perfect for living areas or craft rooms!

Invest in Your Home

Murphy beds work best for those who want to invest in their home to make it their ideal space – their haven. Wallbeds work best for people who value their space and want to maximize it to have a multi-use room. Men love our dual function wallbeds! What does your home mean to you? If you want to create just the right feel in your home, a murphy bed can help you do that. Learn how much your space is worth in your house!

Murphy Beds Create More Space

Personally, I know that I have way more joy taking clutter out of my house so that I can minimize the stuff I have and the cleaning I need to do. Folding a wallbed away opens a room to whole new opportunities. It can also be a workout room (where you need space to move or spread out), a kids play room, a home office, a library or study, a craft room, and more!

A Murphy Bed is Practical

A wallbed is definitely that! It folds away to nearly nothing against the wall when not in use, yet folds down to a full-size bed when needed. Imagine doing that to your other furniture…what if you could flip your dining table away (link) when you aren’t eating? (We can help you there too!)

A Murphy Bed is Transferrable

Unlike contract work, a wallbed is portable as well, so even if you decide to move you can bring your wallbed with you!

Our Murphy Beds are Customizable

Not only can you pick your style of murphy bed, you can also pick the finish, hardware, lighting (on some models) and matching cabinets to go with your bed. You can customize your bed to match your home décor, and even use it to make a statement in your home.

If you’re considering whether a wallbed is the right option for your house, come visit your nearest showroom and see how it feels. They represent themselves best when in person to see their quality, detail and ease of use.

If you’re considering purchasing a wallbed online, beware that you do get what you pay for. Read more here: Consider more than price when shopping for a wallbed.