Mobile wallbeds give you all the convenience of a regular wallbed with the added benefit of easy movement. Although you do not need a specific reason to use a mobile wallbed, you should consider rolling one out on the following occasions:

When You Want to Put Guests in Your Extra Room
If you mostly use your extra room as a custom home office or a kid’s playroom, a mobile wallbed gives you an easy way to set up a sleeping space for your holiday guests. Whenever someone shows up at your doorstep and needs a place to stay, you can roll the mobile wallbed into your extra room and show your guests the hospitality your mom always tried to instill in you.

If You Want to Create a Sleeping Space in the Living Room
Whether you want to throw an impromptu sleepover or campout in your living room, a mobile wallbed makes it easy to do it. Simply roll the bed into the living room whenever you need it and set it up in front of the couch for an extra sleeping surface that can serve a variety of purposes.

When You Need to Set Up a Sleeping Space Somewhere Else
Since mobile wallbeds are so easy to move and to set up, you can use them wherever you need them. Roll one into the backyard if you want to have an actual campout or bring it over to your neighbor’s house if they need a spare bed for the night. When you have a mobile wallbed, you have an endless amount of sleep possibilities.

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