Have you ever heard of a Sleep Divorce? It’s a growing trend where married couples sleep separately, as discovered by Realtor.com: 25% in separate beds and 10% in separate bedrooms (in the Sleep Foundation’s national sleep study) .

We’ve noticed this trend at Wallbeds “n” More as couples come to us looking for a guest bed for their house.

Couples seek separate beds for various reasons, including:

Separate Sleep Schedules

Sometimes couples have extremely different work schedules or sleep habits, and rather than waking each other for their separate nighttime or morning routines, they sleep separately to get a full night sleep.

A Snorer

Nothing is worse than being kept awake all night by sounds you can’t control. For some, this is their partner snoring and the best thing they can do for their sanity is to have separate bedrooms to get a restful sleep.

The Restless Sleeper

Another common trend is the sleeper who moves constantly all night long and keeps their partner awake.

The Light Sleeper

It may even be that one partner is just a very light sleeper, and having another person in the room keeps them awake. Their partner may not even be the reason, they just prefer to sleep alone.

The Sprawler

This person just takes up the whole bed through the night. The inability to sprawl keeps them awake, and the sprawling keeps their partner awake. Maybe a King bed just isn’t a possibility so they have chosen to sleep in separate beds.

Quality sleep is one of the most important foundations to having a productive, successful and happy day. When you don’t get a good night sleep, it will start to affect all areas of your life, including your relationships, job and general mood. This is the reason some of our customers have decided on separate beds.

Why Choose a Wallbed?

Our wallbeds are a popular choice because they fold away by day (taking up the least amount of space!), add a bedroom to your house and are a comfortable bed for all sleepers (fitting a regular sized mattress to a certain height).

If you haven’t checked out a wallbed in person, visit one of our showrooms in Arizona, California, Texas, or Washington and see why customers choose to buy from us rather than just go online.