Murphy Beds and Wallbeds are the same thing, just different names to describe them. A Murphy bed is essentially a bed frame that can be folded away against the wall to save floor space.

History of the Murphy Bed

The Murphy Bed was actually originally reportedly invented in San Francisco, to learn more, watch this video on the history or check out this fun infographic on the history of wallbeds.

Why Do You Need A Murphy Bed?

Why would you need a Murphy bed? For many of our customers, it is because they like the idea that the bed can fold away to leave them more floor space to use in their home. For others, it is that they only occasionally have guests and want to have a comfortable bed, but again, a bed that isn’t taking up space when not in use.

Murphy Bed Shopping

When we opened our first location back in 2003, we had to spend a lot of time educating the public on what a Murphy Bed was, let alone why they would need it. Since then, it’s popularity has grown and Murphy Beds are found at many large retailers around the country.

Our initial philosophy remains today…we believe in customer service first and foremost. We also believe that you need to be able to touch, feel and try your bed to find the perfect one for your home. We do show all of our beds online and you can purchase directly from your local store without meeting them, but we always love to see you in person so that you can see the quality and how easy they are to use.

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