When you think of wallbed sizes, do you picture just one? Many individuals perception that wallbed sizes are strictly limited to just queen or just king, however, that is simply not the case! The truth is, wallbed mattresses come in all of the standard dimensions, and they are all the same exquisite level of comfort and luxury. Let’s take a look at what different wallbed sizes can be utilized for, and then check out just how comfortable our mattresses are. 


If you are looking for a hideaway bed that is perfect for your child(ren), you may decide that a twin-size wallbed is perfect. These twin mattresses and wallbeds are the ideal amount of space for a child to sleep on and are one of the most popular wallbed sizes for toddlers up to pre-teens and teenagers (we’ll talk about what size we recommend for them next). 

In addition to being a popular choice for youngsters, twin-size wallbeds and mattresses are the most-loved options for smaller spaces. If you are wanting to add a wallbed to an office space or a craft room, going for this size above other wallbed sizes is a safe bet. 


Do you know how we mentioned that twin-size wallbeds and mattresses are ideal for children up to pre-teens and teenagers? Full-size wallbeds and mattresses are the next rung up the wallbed sizes ladder. These are ideal for those older children who need a bit more room on the bed to spread out as they go through growth spurts. 

They are also ideal for guest rooms that may be sharing a space with other furniture like bookshelves or a smaller wall desk. If you have room for something a bit bigger than a twin, but do not want to commit to something as large as a queen or a king, a full-size is the happy medium between the two extremes. 


Quite possibly the most popular of all the wallbed sizes, the queen is perfect for master bedrooms or larger guest suites. This wallbed and mattress size is the ideal amount of space for a couple, or if you just want to have enough room to sleep diagonally or any other way you want. A queen is typically considered the standard size for adult bedrooms. 


If you want something that is lavish and luxurious and large, the king-size wallbed option is the one for you! This extravagant and extra roomy size will work perfectly in bigger master suites, and will truly give you that feeling of being king or queen of the castle. In average room sizes, this may be a tight fit, so be sure to take accurate measurements of the space prior to purchasing!

Wallbed Sizes for All at Wallbeds “n” More! 

If you would like some assistance picking the perfect option out of all the wallbed sizes available, or you simply want to see this variety in person, check out where your local showroom is and get an appointment set up today! Wallbeds “n” More has many options in all different dimensions and is dedicated to ensuring you leave satisfied and with your perfect fit in regard to wallbed sizes. Let us know how we can assist you today!