Your Small Extra Room

If you have a small room that you currently use as a storage space for your hiking and biking equipment, you might want to get some new furniture that helps you turn it into a more useful space. A Murphy bed with a desk is the ideal addition to this small room because it allows you to set up an office without taking up too much space.

Your Large Extra Room

After your kids leave for college, you will suddenly have a lot more room in your home than you might realize. If you suddenly have a vacant large room, you should take advantage of the space by setting up a custom home office. Get a hidden bed with a desk so you can have a place for your holiday guests to sleep when they come. Complete the room with a comfortable office chair and some great interior lighting to build yourself a functional and productive home office.

An Extra Corner of a Room

Even if you do not have an entire room to devote to your new office design, all you need is a small corner to give you the space you need. Since you can put the Murphy bed into the wall when you need more room, you do not have to interrupt the flow of the space to get your ideal office design.

When it comes to building a home office, turn to Wallbeds “n” More to get the hidden bed with a desk you need to build an office anywhere in your home. Our products optimize the function of a home of any size. From vacation homes to apartment living, we give you the tools you need to get the space you want. Call (888) 856-1192 to learn more.