It’s so exciting! You buy your first home, or upgrade to a larger home and you have so much space to fill and plan for. But then the unpacking begins and you realize that you may not have as much space as you thought…

That 3-bedroom house has a master bedroom, an office and a spare room…that’s also a workroom and also the storage room. Suddenly you’re out of space.

Or the 4-bedroom house where you have 2 bedrooms, a workout room/craft room and an office/guest room. Oh no! You’re out of space again!

The biggest dilemma of living in your home is often how to create usable living space but also maintain a room for guests to come stay as well. This is especially true if you live out of town from family and want to welcome them whenever they are in town.

Often, we’ve accumulated furniture and mattresses over the years, but it just doesn’t quite fit into the new space. Plus, you’re in a new home! You want to decorate it to match the home you are now in.

Here are some of your guest room options:

A Dedicated Guest Room

A sole purpose guest room should be comfortable and welcomingYou may be lucky that you do have a room to spare and you can dedicate it solely to a guest room. You’ll want to have a spare dresser for guests to put clothes in, a Queen bed and comfortable mattress, especially if you have guests staying for a week or two. You may even want a small desk or workspace in case your guests need to work while on their stay. You’re pretty much going to create a welcoming room that guests have everything they need in one location so that in between visiting you, they can have quiet downtime on their own to do their own thing.

Photo by iAlicante Mediterranean Homes on Unsplash

An Office & Guest Room

A full-time office and guest bedroom

You may work from home, or occasionally work from home and turn your guest room into a office between guest visits. If that’s the case, we recommend having a desk and storage that you can easily access on a daily basis, with a bed that is there only when needed. You can look at different bed options, but other than a wallbed, they will all take up valuable floor space when not in use by guests. Check out these desk murphy beds to maximize your office space!

A Craft/Work Room & Guest Bed

A guest bed ideal for a workroom

If you have a craft room, work room or maybe even a ‘man cave’ that also functions as your guest room, work area is the biggest priority. Being able to fold away your bed by day is the best way to maximize this space. Having a murphy bed with a side desk means that you can leave your projects out even when the bed is down. Check out some of our murphy bed desk options. Or else maybe a table murphy bed, so that you have extra table space in between guest visits, but can fold away the bed without having to find extra storage. We have two table bed options, the Euro Table Bed and the Barrington Table Bed.


A Storage Room & Guest Room

euro style wallbed, wallbed with table, fold down table and bedSometimes you just want to have a bed available, but take up the least amount of space when not in use. That’s where our full selection of murpby beds comes into play – you can choose by the sized bed you want, or else choose by the style and design that best suits your home.

Have another guest bed room you also use? Let us know what it is in the comments below. Looking for more ideas? Explore our Dual Function Wallbeds.


Looking for more information, learn how to choose the best wallbed for your needs. Or even better, call us! Find your closest showroom to help decide the best bed for your needs. It’s free and you can try out beds in a no-pressure environment.