If you’re shopping for a guest bed, you’ve probably heard the term “trundle bed”. What is it, and is it the right option for your home?

trundle beds, guest beds for holidayBy definition, a trundle bed includes a second lower bed on wheels that can be rolled underneath the ‘main’ bed. This secondary mattress can be rolled out to accommodate a second sleeper on ground level, or can sometimes even be raised up to create a larger sized single bed. When not in use, the secondary mattress can be rolled underneath the main mattress, and the whole unit looks like a regular bed. They can come in word or wire frames.

Trundle bed pros:

  • 2 beds in the space of one
  • Stylish piece of furniture when not in use
  • Some models come with under-bed storage so you can keep your guest room tidy
  • Safer for kids than a bunk bed (no climbing required)

Trundle bed cons:

  • Takes up as much space as a regular bed when not in use
  • Secondary bed must be smaller to fit under the main mattress, so it needs a specially-sized mattresses and sheets
  • It’s inconvenient to pull the secondary mattress out
  • Difficult to get in and out of the top bed without disturbing the sleeper on the ground

Trundle Bed Overview

To sum it all up, a trundle bed is a great option if you want to have a spare mattress underneath your regular bed for the occasional sleepover. It would also work well in dedicated guest bedroom where you don’t need a lot of floor space, however, it’s not a great solution if you only have one spare room, which you want to use for more than one purpose (i.e.: home office and guest room). The trundle bed is also not an ideal permanent sleeping solution because making the beds is time-consuming and stepping around the sleeper on the lower mattress is inconvenient. Furthermore, you would need multiple sets of specially-sized sheets for the secondary mattress.

Choose a Murphy Bed Over A Trundle Bed

Looking for the perfect spare bed? Wallbeds “n” More’s Mobile Bed may be the solution for you. This bed is portable (it rolls on casters), folds away to take up much less floor space when not in use, and is available in Queen for a full-sized comfortable bed. Our mobile bed is the best comparison to a trundle bed because of it’s portability, and ease of use as a guest bed that folds away by day.

If you’re looking for a guest bed that can be stored away when not in use, consider a Murphy Bed. This is the core of our product line because they are space saving and create an extra room in your home. We love that they can be folded away (with sheets and everything!) by day and only take up a fraction of space that a normal trundle bed would. Then at night, lower the bed for a full or queen sized bed that guests can enjoy a comfortable night sleep in. Murphy beds can be moved, so the next time you move to a new house your bed can come with you too!

Find your nearest showroom to learn more about Murphy Beds in a comfortable, no pressure environment!