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Having a guest room is a massive bonus for any household. A guest room not only adds a welcoming ambiance to your home, but it also adds to the overall value of your house.

But, the design of the guest room remains a challenge, especially on the aspect of the beds, when you want to have a room for multiple uses. When you have a guest room, it is common that visitors will stay there for at least a night or two. During that period, the space is taken up, but as a host, letting them sleep on an uncomfortable bed can be a shame on your part.

Fortunately, there’s no need for you to fuss over this detail. You can actually improve the bed of your guest room without having the need to spend thousands of bucks. Decorating your home on a budget is always possible!

Here are the top 5 ideas for guest room beds that you should try.


A daybed is a bedframe that’s sole purpose is a bed, but that can also act as a trundle bed to expand into a larger bed. Aside from being a practical option, daybeds are actually comfortable and provide optimal support to the body, however, they will take up the full bed space when not in use.

Daybeds can also work as a sofa and bed at the same time. You just need to pull the seat cushion, which causes the cushion on the back to be drawn into a flat position–making it a fully functional bed.

When you have a daybed in your guest room, it can be used as a reading spot or sitting area by day. Of course, the bed will allow your guests to sleep comfortably at night.

You might also want to try a rolling mattress as an alternative to futons. The right one can give the sleeper comfort and support while they are sleeping.

Trundle Bed

A trundle bed is a unique and innovative option for your guest room. Aside from being a plain bed, it also acts as a piece of furniture. It can be installed under the main bed and can be used whenever it is necessary.

A trundle bed is an excellent option if you are hosting a lot of sleepers in your guest room. It gives you the ability to cater numerous guests without adding another bed.

There are ready-made trundle beds that you can get today. However, if you want to exhibit your craftsmanship, you might want to build one by yourself. In this way, you will be able to customize the size of the bed, as well as the extra amenities that you might want to place there.

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Murphy Bed

A Murphy bed has similarities to a trundle bed. While a trundle bed is integrated into a primary bed, the Murphy bed is attached to the wall. It is a great space-saver, as there’s no need for you to place a full-size bed to the guest room.

Just like I said, Murphy beds are an excellent option if space is an issue for you. It prevents you from increasing the physical size of your guest room to accommodate extra beds.

For the bed to be completely comfortable, installing the proper sleeping amenities is necessary. One of these is choosing the best mattress for Murphy beds. It will optimize the sleeping experience of your guests.


Inflatable Bed

An inflatable bed is the convenient choice if if you are not yet ready to invest in full-size beds and mattresses and do not have the space to store them. However, they are a trade off in comfort and guests will notice their difference in their sleep quality.

Because we are living on the modern times, there’s no need for you to pump air to the bed for it to inflate manually. An electric pump does the job for you!

Sleeper Sofa

Another brilliant bed idea for guest rooms that you can try is the sleeper sofa. Just like conventional mattresses, this particular amenity is available queen and full size, making it a great choice not only in the bedroom but also in living rooms as well.

You just need to take out the seat cushions of the sleeper sofa so that you will be able to pull the bed that is being hidden inside its frame. It is an ergonomic design that you might want to opt if space and budget are an issue for you.

The popularity of the sofa sleeper helped trigger the creation of the Wallbeds “n” More sofa wallbed.

The Guest Room Solution

Now it is quite clear already that having a guest room gives you the opportunity to try out different beds. The options that I have laid here are just but a few of the numerous options that you can try.

Since a guest room is not always occupied, it is proper that you can give it the right upgrade and maintenance. Placing a quality bed, mattress, and other sleeping amenities is just one way of doing that. Your visitors will really feel that they are very welcome to your humble abode.

That’s it for now. If you have questions or suggestions, feel free to drop them in the comment section below!