If you are shopping for a Murphy bed desk combo, you likely spend time working from home regularly. It can be a challenge to separate your job from your family life, but with a wallbed with desk, we at Wallbeds “n” More can help you to achieve a successful work life balance!

Follow these five steps to maximize your efficiency when working from a home office:

1. Create Dedicated Office Space

It’s an excellent idea to have a separate space for your home office. Closing the door behind you while you work not only physically separates your work from the rest of your home, but helps you to separate it mentally as well.

If you can convert an existing spare bedroom to a home office through the installation of a new wallbed with a desk, you have an ideal solution. However, if that is not possible and you need to put your new Murphy bed desk combo in a common area such as a den or family room, consider purchasing one of the following:

  • A standalone room divider
  • A folding screen
  • A hanging curtain
  • Freestanding plants 


2. Minimize Clutter

A neat and tidy desk space makes for a neat and tidy mind. Stress is generally reduced when you are able to find the things you need and keep a visually clean workspace. Choosing a Murphy bed with bookshelves and desk drawers means you’ll have plenty of storage space to keep items put away.

Add drawers and or cabinets to your desk wallbeds to keep messy-looking items organized such as:

  • Printers
  • Wifi routers
  • Electrical power cords
  • Files, notebooks, and paperwork 


3. Implement Ergonomics

If you spend a great deal of time sitting every day, it’s important that you select a desk chair that is ergonomically balanced to help you maintain good posture and ward off soreness. 

Our Murphy bed desk surfaces are the appropriate height to sit comfortably in a desk chair, and we have several in the stores that you can try out when you visit your local showroom. 

And remember… no matter how comfortable your chair, it’s always a great idea to stand up for a few minutes out of every hour to get your blood flowing and stretch your body. Focusing your eyesight at a distance while you take a break is also a good reset for your brain and eyes. 

4. Technology at your Fingertips

It’s easy to be productive when you have everything you need right in front of you. Being prepared means you are not scrambling to charge a device or find your pen before your next Zoom conference call. 

At Wallbeds “n” More we specialize in customizing your furniture to meet your needs which means we can also add features like USB ports. Being able to keep your devices charged and ready to go whenever you need it helps you stay in your workflow. 

5. Break up Activity Levels

Having a good mental balance helps you to produce your best work. With a wallbed desk combo, your dual-functioning guest room and office will have plenty of extra floor space when you want the clearance. Give yourself a brain break during the day and change up your activity. 

Use the extra floor space for:

  • A quick yoga retreat
  • An exercise session
  • Stretching 
  • Zumba dancing
  • A power nap

Once the Murphy bed office desk is configured as a bed, you can use the room to take a quick nap in the middle of a hectic day. Taking time for yourself means that you will be more productive when it’s time to get back to work. 


Order Your Murphy Bed Desk Today!

Happiness and productivity go hand-in-hand, so creating a comfortable, enjoyable space to work from home is critical in helping you maintain a love of your job and motivation to do it well. 

Find the showroom nearest you to schedule an appointment to view our Murphy bed desk units, and one of our expert sales associates will help you customize your furniture by choosing your own mattress, and selecting hardware, custom lighting, color, and finishing touches. We can’t wait to serve you!