One of many reasons that so many of our customers choose a Murphy Bed is that they are so comfortable to sleep on. A good night’s sleep is the best way to start a new day (and finish processing from the previous day) so we thought you would like to see a few tips on how to ensure the best sleep in your bed, whether it’s a regular bed or a Murphy Wallbed!

Preparing for Sleep

1. Light & Electronics
The first step to a good night sleep is to actually let your body wind down from the day. Artificial lights actually affect the hormones that are responsible for regulating your sleep cycle. Even the light from cell phones and other electronics emit blue light that can inhibit melatonin production.

Get an app for your phone that cancels out the blue light to help adjust for sleep
Try to stay away from electronics for 2 hours before bedtime – spend time with family or doing an activity

2. Sleep Consistency
Maintain a consistent sleep cycle so that your body has a regularly routine to wind down each night and wake up each day. Even sleeping in on the weekend can disrupt your circadian rhythm.

3. Take Care of Your Health
Regular exercise throughout the week and daily activity help you stay healthy and also improve the quality of your sleep. What you eat and drink can also affect your sleep quality and habits.

If You Have Trouble Sleeping

If you are lying awake in bed, get up rather than continuing to lie there. You will cause increased stress and anxiety. Read a book, journal or meditate until you feel your mind has calmed down and then return to bed.

For more sleep tips room preparation tips, visit the National Sleep Foundation’s article on Healthy Sleep Tips or Sleepy Bliss’s guide to How to Get a Good Night Sleep shown below


Graphic Provided by Sleepy BlissHow To Get A Good Night's Sleep [Infographic]