Whisper murphy wallbed mattressWhether you are looking to replace your mattress or buy one for your new Wallbeds “n” More wallbed, it’s important that you spend some time on picking out the right mattress.

Benefits of a New Mattress

 A new mattress has many psychological and physiological benefits. When you get a good night’s sleep from sleeping on the right mattress, you perform better, you are more alert, and you have more energy and drive (National Sleep Foundation).

Studies from the National Sleep Foundation suggest that a new bedding system that supports your body also decreases neck, shoulder, and back problems. A good night’s rest makes you feel better, which increases your productivity, enhances your mood and quality of life, and helps you manage stress better.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a New Mattress

Consider a beaumont mattress for your wallbed.Choosing the correct mattress can often be a confusing and complex process. Factors to consider when choosing the best mattress for you include:

  • What type of sleep position you prefer- back, side, stomach, or a combination.
  • Your sleeping habits- are you an early riser, napper, or late owl?
  • Body temperature- certain mattresses make you retain heat and others offer cooling options.
  • Body weight-the denser a person, the more support is needed.
  • Budget- skimping on a mattress due to price can cause health problems. Avoid buying based just on price.

For other tips on choosing the proper mattress, click here how to choose a mattress – 9 factors to consider.

How to Determine When You Need a New Mattress

If you wake up with a stiff neck, back, or shoulders, still feel lethargic, and need a few cups of coffee to feel alert, it’s probably time to purchase a new mattress.

If you have been inundated with bed bugs, dust mites or allergens, you may also want to consider purchasing a new mattress.

You shed the most skin cells and oils while sleeping, consider how old your mattress is and how many years of wear and tear has it gone through.

Sleep well with a serenity cool gel mattress.Wallbeds “n” More Offers Quality Mattresses for Your Wallbed

Our quality mattresses offer support and comfort for all sleeping preferences. Whether you are in the market for a mattress for your wallbed or your own bed, stop by one of our showrooms and test out our mattresses.

Our experts will help you find a mattress that fits your budget and preference and will deliver it to you.

Have Questions for a Wallbeds “n” More Professional?

If you have any questions about which type of mattress works well for your needs, please visit our website or check our store locator to find the showroom closest to you. Our wallbed experts will take the time to answer all your questions and help you purchase the perfect mattress.