When you work from home like many people, designing the perfect work space is an individual preference. When your workspace is also your sleeping space with a Deluxe Desk Wallbed from Wallbeds “n” More, you have to get a bit more creative with your space.

Deluxe Desk Wallbeds allow more useable space as an office and bedroom.

In an interesting article, The Perfect Workspace (According to Science), author, Christian Jarrett, provides several solutions for designing a workspace fit for productivity, well-being, and creativity.

Design a Personal Workspace to Increase Commitment and Efficiency

A 2010 study of 47 London employees demonstrated that those workers who arranged their small offices with pictures and personal images were more productive and identified with their employer.  This same commitment and efficiency was not demonstrated by employees who did not arrange their spaces this way.

Personalized work spaces increase productivity.

If you use your Caspian Desk Bed as part of an office space, arrange your shelves with pictures and plants and even a pin-board to make the space feel more personal. The more personal you make a work space, the more you relate to it and the effects spill over to your work.

 Decorate and personalize your Caspian Desk Wallbed.

Consider Landscape and Greenery in Your Decor

Do you often have difficulty paying attention, are you easily distracted, and do you frequently find yourself fighting fatigue? If so, add a few plants to your office space! Research from Science Direct finds that employees who have plants in their office space are more focused, improved their performance, and felt less fatigue.

When moving your Wallbeds “n” More Standard Desk Wallbed, consider putting it next to a window. Looking outside at landscape can revitalize and recharge you.

Place your wallbed near a window to view scenery outside.

Consider the Clutter

 With all due respect to your parents for telling you to clean and organize your room, we are encouraging you to keep your messy desk. According to Eric Abrahamson – co-author of A Perfect Mess: The Hidden Benefits of Disorder, it’s better to have a messy desk. People whose desks are overly organized often have difficulty finding things and people with messy desks may just find that spark of imagination crumpled on bit of paper from two years ago.

We will leave this choice up to you, but feel better knowing that any of our Wallbeds “n” More Desk Beds can easily fold up and hide the clutter when it’s time for bed.

Use our standard desk wallbeds to hide clutter!

Ready to Set Up Your Work Space with a Desk Bed from Wallbeds “n” More?

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