Shopping, as with anything, shows some of the differences in how men and women differ.  We’ve found that there are several types of murphy beds that are especially popular with male customers.

Many of our customers are women of the household, looking the ideal murphy bed for their home after their children have left for college. Empty nesters are always especially excited to update their home as the kids leave and the first thing they want to add is a murphy bed to their home.

While all murphy beds act as a 2-in-1 bed, folding away by day and being a full bed by night, some are a little ‘cooler’ than others!

Below are our most popular murphy beds, based on the reactions of our male customers.


Men love how the Hiddenbed, also known as our Desk Bed, is a fully usable desk by day, and then it folds away at night, while still staying fully horizontal. It’s pretty cool and they love to look at the mechanics of how it works.

Library Wallbed

The second most popular murphy bed that blows our male customers away is the Library Wallbed. This bed is a fully functional bookcase on all 4 faces of the bed & pier. You can choose just the bed, for 2 shelves divided into 2 columns, or also include the bookcase cabinets for extra book storage.

As you can see, men like the gadgets and extra functionality of these fun beds. Other multi-functional murphy beds we have include the Sofa Wallbed and the Table Wallbed, for an easy to use dining or project table.

So if men shop for functionality and features, what do our female customers find most intriguing? In general, women are usually excited at the wide variety of bed styles, color options and accessories available to create a custom murphy bed that matches the style of their home. They love the functionality and dual purpose, but they are even more excited to have it fit in with the rest of the décor like it belongs there. Which is how a home should feel!

Interested in learning more about murphy beds? We love to show them in person at our showrooms, in a no pressure environment. Find your nearest murphy bed showroom now or search our list of wallbeds showrooms in Arizona, California, Texas & Washington.