We understand that shopping for a wallbed can take time and sometimes even becomes stressful; there are so many options and it is a large piece of furniture that will be a fairly constant part of your house for the rest of it’s life. We hope though, that by shopping at Wallbeds “n” More, it is as stress-free a shopping experience as possible for you. For this reason, we offer personalized appointments at all of our showroom locations to ensure that your needs are heard while in, in a low-stress, no-pressure environment.

One common question we get is, “What is the best wallbed for my room?” The answer really depends on you, your home, your style and your living needs. Every wallbed is unique and prices can range depending on the materials and the size or functionality of the bed.

The Best Wallbed for a Kids Room

Every single wallbed at Wallbeds “n” More can actually work just fine as a bed in a kid’s room, but these are some of our personal favorites.

The Caspian Desk Wallbed features a desk by day and a bed by night, but at $2,899, it is the most reasonably priced wallbed for a child’s needs. A wallbed in a child’s room also helps with the time old battle of getting your child to make their bed. The sheets and blankets stay on the bed and can just be folded away for the day!

Another great option for smaller space as children often have smaller rooms, is to get a horizontal wallbed for their room. The Barn Door Wallbed comes in a horizontal option and is a fun farmhouse style for a child’s room. One thing to keep in mind is that wallbeds are built to last, and you may want to invest in a queen bed for your child’s room so that it can be useful as they become adults and even when they move out and you have an extra room!

The Best Wallbed for a Spare Bedroom

This bed has the widest variety of options and comes down to, what style do you want and how is the room laid out. Other factors that come into question are, do you want an American Made wallbed? Or is any wallbed fine? Will your spare room just be an extra room waiting for guests? Or will you use it for a craft room, exercise room, reading room or something else?

The Best Wallbed for a Living Room/Family Room

What is so amazing about a wallbed is that you can turn ANY room into an additional room in your house. For those times when you want to have space but don’t have an additional bedroom, you can add a wallbed to your living room so that you can accommodate grandkids staying over night, summer guests or more. Depending on the space, you can fit your wallbed into your home entertainment area by squeezing a horizontal bed under your unit, or even using a desk bed to create extra workspace by day.

The Best Wallbed for an Airbnb or Vacation Rental

The location of your Airbnb or vacation rental may play a large part in the style of your bed, whether it is a mountain cabin, a coastal cottage or even an urban studio, you may want a different style of bed.

The main thing to keep in mind is that beds often opens up your rental to larger groups as well, and a wallbed can be a great way to increase the number of guests that can stay comfortably in your rental. For a country style home, the Barn Door Wallbed is a popular option. On the other end, the Euro or Euro Deluxe is a popular modern, minimalist style wallbed. For a smaller studio apartment that may be used as a workspace for traveling business people, one of our dual function desk wallbeds could be the perfect solution! It is a workspace by day and a bed by night.

The Best Wallbed for a DIYer

The U Do It Wallbed is the ideal basic wallbed for a DIYer and home handy person who wants to customize their bed to suit them. It comes unfinished so that it can be painted or finished however you would like. Starting at $2,099, it is the ideal way to invest in a quality murphy bed but still save on cost.

These are just a few scenarios where we can recommend the perfect wallbed for your requirements. With over 15 years experience, we have the customer experience and knowledge to help you find the perfect wallbed for you! Find your closest showroom today to schedule your complimentary appointment.