In 1916, Charlie Chaplin made a historic black and white silent film about his trials with a Murphy Wallbed. The movie, titled, One A.M., was Chaplin’s first solo movie, except for a brief appearance by a taxi driver.

Murphy Wallbed takes Center Stage in One A.M.

Arriving home late at night, Chaplin struggles with preparing his upright Murphy Wallbed for repose. He antics include being unable to keep the wallbed from remaining down, being caught between the frame and the wallbed, being under the wallbed, and tripping over the frame of the wallbed.

Created to make us laugh, Chaplin remains desperate in his attempt to position the Murphy bed for sleep.  Taking center stage, the Murphy Bed almost becomes a character in the film, and Chaplin is resigned to give up his attempt to sleep in his Murphy Wallbed. The audience is entertained, and One A.M. becomes a signature Charlie Chapman film.

The Calamity of the Murphy Wallbed is only for the Audience

Rest assured, the modern Murphy Wallbed has no such flaws, and you will get a great night’s rest in any of our Murphy Wallbeds from Wallbeds “n” More.  Modern sophistication replaces the former Murphy Wallbeds, making a solid product that is safe, affordable, and holds its value.

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Available In-Stock or Custom Ordered

When you are looking for the perfect Murphy Wallbed that is just right for you, keep in mind our choice of selections. Our beds come in a variety of woods, finishes, and sizes, and are custom-made.  Deliveries occur within 5-8 weeks generally.

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