We have mentioned a handful of times in recent blogs that a major perk of wallbeds is that you can take them with you. While at first, this may seem like an impossible feat, because these beds are usually fairly hefty and installed with attachments to the wall, in reality, relocating wallbeds can actually be a fairly simple process. There are a few different approaches to a wallbed relocation, and quite possibly more that extend beyond this post. If you have further questions about relocating a wallbed, please reach out to our team of professionals. In the meantime, keep reading to learn more about taking your wallbed with you. 

Mobile Wallbeds

One solution to the wallbed relocation conundrum is to get a mobile wallbed. These wallbeds on wheels come fully assembled, with the casters already attached, and everything ready to go. All you have to do upon arrival is remove the plastic from the mattress and put your bedding on! This option makes it extremely easy to just unbox and roll to whatever room you would like it in, however, we still offer our White Glove Delivery service just as we do with every other wallbed purchase. This service includes professional unboxing of your mobile wallbed, removal and disposal of the packaging, and moving the bed into whichever room you would like it to be in. These beds are the perfect solution for those who want the convenience and comfort of wallbeds, without the semi-permanent attachment to the walls. If you are planning on moving in the near future, or if you would like the ability to easily move your wallbed around your home, a mobile wallbed might be the best choice for you! 

Changing Rooms

If you choose a traditional wallbed set up, and you want to change which room it is in, our professionals can assist you from start to finish. 


Since the majority of our traditional wallbeds are attached to the wall for safety and sturdiness, they require being detached prior to relocation within your home. Our professionals will carefully and efficiently detach it, ensuring to take necessary precautions as to not damage your wall. Having a pro complete this step verifies that it is being done properly, and that none of the hardware or fixtures suffer in the process. 

Location Change

After detachment, our professionals will carefully move your wallbed from its current room or placement into the new room or placement within your home. If you are rearranging your home, and your wallbed no longer fits where it is currently, or if you want to change it up just for fun, let our professionals help with the heavy lifting. 


Once your wallbed is exactly where you want it in its new room or placement, our pros will reinstall it to ensure the maximum safety and security. Just as with your first install, we want to verify that it has been done properly so you can enjoy your wallbed with peace of mind. 

Moving Homes

If you choose a traditional wallbed set up, and now you are moving out of your current house, you do not have to leave your wallbed behind! Our professionals can help with the relocation. 


Just as with simply changing rooms, our team of professionals can help detach your wallbed from your walls safely and efficiently when you are planning on taking your wallbed with you during a move. Throughout this process, we can ensure that none of the hardware is misplaced during the move, so there will be no issues when it comes time to reinstall at the new house. 

Transportation & Delivery

We have all the necessary tools and equipment to transport your wallbed safely to its new home. If you are moving across town, don’t worry about what shape your wallbed will arrive in. You can have peace of mind and trust that it is in good hands with our professionals and will arrive safe and sound. 


Once your wallbed arrives safely at your new home, our professionals will take the time to move it into whichever room you would like it in. We then take the time to reinstall it, being careful to ensure that everything is done properly so you are completely safe and satisfied. 

If you are interested in seeing what wallbed options are available, find your nearest showroom and set up an appointment today!