Wishing for somewhere clever to perch your elf on a shelf or somewhere unexpected to hide holiday presents from the people who share your home? A Murphy bed cabinet style is the ideal solution for your holiday storage needs! At Wallbeds “n” More we specialize in building custom Murphy bed furniture that complements the design and layout of your home and makes your life easier and your home more versatile.

Used as a special surprise space, wallbed cabinets are excellent places to display your elf on the shelf. Little feet peeking out the cabinet door are sure to delight everyone in your home, both children and adults alike. You could choose to have your elf hang upside down from the cabinet door along with something peeking out just below the door to indicate he or she has climbed inside to make mischief! When the kids open the cabinet, they might find the elf sitting cross legged on the bookshelf or trailing powdered sugar footprints behind him or her. They may even find the little mischief maker has decorated the inside of the cabinet space or left little gifts behind!

Surprises and Storage Year-Round

Cabinets are a wonderful, unexpected place to add any kind of holiday fun throughout the rest of the year as well. Hanukkah presents could be hidden behind the doors, reusable Easter eggs might be found in the corners of the unit and behind the doors, or you could send your favorite person on a birthday scavenger hunt with different clues hidden in cabinets of the Murphy bed unit. Having to open the door adds an extra element of surprise to an already fun activity and shows your thoughtfulness in creating anticipation of a special gift for a special someone.

Murphy bed cabinets can also be used in guest bedrooms or home offices as storage spaces or to hide presents throughout the year that you are planning to wrap for the holiday season. If you choose to add a wardrobe-size cabinet to your wall bed unit, that becomes a great space-saving place to store wrapping paper. You could even choose to mount a dowel across the inside of the cabinet to hold spools of ribbon for wrapping.

Drawers can be added below the cabinets to hold supplies like tape, scissors, markers, and gift tags, keeping them accessible and convenient anytime you need them. This avoids clutter and allows you to store the materials out of sight when they are not needed, making your room look more spacious and tidy the whole year round. All of this with the convenience of a hidden bed stored against the wall, ready at a moment’s notice!

Customize Your Murphy Bed Cabinets

Our wall bed cabinets come in a variety of sizes, styles, wood types, and finishes. You can choose solid doors in different wood styles depending on the Murphy bed model that you like best. Once the wood type is chosen, you can also select the finish that best matches the color and style of your home.

You may want cabinets on just one side of the unit if you have a very small space, or if the size of your room allows for cabinets on each side, we can create a more uniform, symmetrical look. Our Murphy beds with cabinets come in twin, full, or queen sized models perfect for overnight guests to enjoy.

The Wallbeds “n” More Difference

At Wallbeds “n” More, we partner with you to help you choose the type of wall bed that meets your needs and suits your budget at the same time. You can take a look on our website at the wide variety of wall bed models to which cabinet doors can be added, or those also have the ability to add other features like desk and drawer combinations.

Each of our locations offer Murphy beds with cabinets similar to the selection shown on this website, and some stores carry other unique styles. Be sure to visit the website or call your local Wallbeds “n” More location to know all the options available to you.

When you make an appointment to visit your local showroom, one of our friendly, knowledgeable team members can assist you in trying out the different wall bed styles and exploring all of the different customization options available. We aim to make the shopping experience simple and enjoyable. Visit our Locations page to find the Wallbeds “n” More store nearest to you!